2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsswitch to WebAssembly; start of custom html shell;...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardssupport persistent file storage for Emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmodify gameseq such that we can process an event with...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdon't return error on successful exit of game_main()
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix memory size detection for Emscripten builds
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsremove SOURCE_RELATIVE hack, it's an Emscripten bug
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdeal with double free() errors on shutdown
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsclean up CMakeLists.txt a bit regarding what gets built
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsset RELEASE_REAL and -O3 on Release build type
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsset RelWithDebInfo as default build type
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsre-enable custom.cmake
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsuse LEGACY_GL to determine of GL1 is used or not
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsplug demo upsells into the game event/state system
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsuse Emscripten compatible game loop
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsbypass Emscripten bug when AL source is relative
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsshutdown() not yet implemented in Emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdisable popups for now
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsstartup windowed and disable movies with Emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsadd Emscripten stuff to cleanup
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at emscripten support
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge updated pxo code and related fixes
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsmake build changes ...
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsfix opening of URLs on Windows
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsupdate PXO ranking URLs
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsonly use SDL text input when required (fixes keyboard...
2018-03-14 Taylor Richardsupdate MSVC compiler options
2018-03-14 Taylor Richardsback out pause changes for now
2018-03-14 Taylor Richardsfix event and state help text
2018-03-13 Taylor Richardsset/update netgame info on tracker in a useful way
2018-03-13 Taylor Richardsuse a better multi_sw_ok_to_commit() check
2018-03-11 Taylor Richardsupdate Config_allowed[] for proper key layout in SDL
2018-03-11 Taylor Richardsupdate standalone html include
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsfix linker issue with wxWidgets
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsremove remants of old special key handling removal
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsmake sure we always close out of pause state
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardschange special key combos to more generic keys
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsallow for finding both Win32 and Win64 lib versions
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsdeal with timestamp issue when calculating submodel...
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardshandle SquadWar match query properly for standalone
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsavoid sending LAN broadcast with PXO game query
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardssend quit game event when OS window gets closed
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardspause game on minimize, plus related cleanup
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardsstop ambient menu sound when paused
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardsadd RELEASE_REAL to release builds
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardstry to prevent random crashing from wing ai
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardslog out of tracker when mission ends (non-standalone)
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardsclean up stats saving a bit more
2018-03-07 Taylor Richardsfix invalid socket log spam
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsmake websocket connection work over both http and https
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsfix control binding
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsforce windows to ignore WIN key so we can use it
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardstweak stats saving to maybe work better
2017-10-25 Taylor Richardsupdate URL for PXO button in launcher
2017-10-15 Taylor Richardsmerge haptic and joystick fixes
2017-10-11 Taylor Richardsadd safety and some cleanup
2017-10-11 Taylor Richardsallow hotplug to actually hotplug
2017-09-29 Taylor Richardsuse timestamp for hit effect rather than calling system...
2017-09-27 Taylor Richardsforce-start pSpring on mission init
2017-09-27 Taylor Richardsclean up debug messages a bit
2017-08-07 Taylor Richardsfix crash in debug builds
2017-08-05 Taylor Richardsmake sure that all ff effects are stopped before closin...
2017-08-05 Taylor Richardsreorder ff effects based on importance of being loaded
2017-08-03 Taylor Richardstry to avoid too much rumble
2017-08-03 Taylor Richardsuse more acurate rumble values
2017-08-03 Taylor Richardsfix values for fly_by haptic effect
2017-08-03 Taylor Richardsadd some debug info; plus some additional clenaup
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsavoid starting pSpring during effect creation
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardssetup sane defaults in joy_ff_mission_init()
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsclean up and simplify effects and updating
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsfix the strength of dock and reload haptic effects
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsadd rumble variant to joy_ff_explode()
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsmove static primary/secondary check variables to functi...
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsreset ff afterburn flag at start of mission
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsavoid updating pSpring when it isn't needed
2017-08-02 Taylor Richardsfix the strength of afterburn haptic effect
2017-08-01 Taylor Richardssilence annoying debug message
2017-05-02 Taylor Richardsadd PXO tab to launcher
2017-05-02 Taylor Richardsupdate PXO URLs
2017-04-20 Taylor Richardsfix standalone daemon cmdline detection
2017-04-19 Taylor Richardsfix various code issues
2017-04-18 Taylor Richardsremove extraneous newlines from ml_string() & ml_printf...
2017-04-18 Taylor Richardsreturn 404 for favicon.ico to avoid sending html twice
2017-04-18 Taylor Richardsswitch to gzipped standalone html embed
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsreduce game update timeout to 4 minutes, since server...
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsremove STUB that was addressed long ago
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsremove unnecessary double if() statement
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsmake new attempt at PXO stats saving
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardslog standalone out of tracker only on close
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardschange MULTI_IS_TRACKER to check against pxo setting
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsremove PEER_PING, since it didn't work
2017-04-13 Taylor Richardsmake sure version.nfo is saved-to and read-from a safe...
2017-04-13 Taylor Richardsmake PXO off by default globally, on by default for...
2017-04-12 Taylor Richardsmake broadcast_game_query() ask PXO for server list
2017-04-10 Taylor Richardsfix broadcast text on multi options screen
2017-04-10 Taylor Richardswhen multi game ends go back to PXO if we should
2017-04-09 Taylor Richardsmake adjustments to standalone fps:
2017-04-06 Taylor Richardsmake psnet_same() check port as well as address
2017-04-06 Taylor Richardsmake sure freespace restarts with original cmdline...
2017-04-06 Taylor Richardsexit properly when help or version cmdline options...
2017-04-06 Taylor Richardsadd missing cmdline function declarations from prior...