descriptionOpenbox Window Manager
ownerMikael Magnusson
last changeSun, 1 Sep 2013 19:09:03 +0000 (15:09 -0400)
2013-09-01 Dana JansensFix nits for overlap placement center option master
2013-09-01 Ian ZimmermanAdd the old <center> option for the placement policy...
2013-09-01 Ian ZimmermanFix gcc warnings
2013-09-01 Tom SiresFix a typo causing submenuShowDelay to be ignored ...
2013-08-19 Mikael MagnussonAdd window type to If as well
2013-08-19 Mikael MagnussonAllow matching class, name and role in If action
2013-08-19 Mikael MagnussonAdd ForEach action which is like If but runs on all...
2013-08-19 Dana JansensRemove the else-on-newline rule from HACKING
2013-08-19 Dana JansensAdd queries to If actions
2013-08-19 Dana JansensUpdate HACKING for brace rules
2013-08-19 Dana JansensAdd a note to add the version to the bug tracker for...
2013-08-12 Dana JansensUpdate po files for 3.5.2
2013-08-12 Dana JansensAdd CHANGELOG for 3.5.2
2013-08-12 Dana JansensUpdate version in to 3.5.2
2013-08-11 Dana JansensMaximized undecored windows have incorrect top border...
2013-08-11 Dana Jansenswindow.inactive.label.text.color should default to...
4 months ago mikabox-3.5-7
4 years ago release- tagging the release
4 years ago release- tagging the release
5 years ago release-3.4.11 tagging the 3.4.11 release
5 years ago mikabox- this is what i've been running...
5 years ago release-3.4.10 tagging the 3.4.10 release
5 years ago release-3.4.9 tagging the 3.4.9 release
5 years ago release-3.4.8 tagging the 3.4.8 release
5 years ago release-3.4.8-rc2 Post tag of -rc2 which was never...
6 years ago release- Tagging, same as 3.4.7...
6 years ago release- Obligatory brown paper bag. Tagging...
6 years ago release-3.4.7 The long-awaited 3.4.7 release.
6 years ago release-3.4.7-pre3 3rd prelease for 3.4.7
7 years ago release- the release!
7 years ago mikabox-3.4.6 Tagging mikabox near the 3.4.6...
7 years ago release-3.4.6 openbox 3.4.6 release
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