descriptionOpenbox Window Manager
ownerMikael Magnusson
last changeWed, 1 Jul 2015 09:30:11 +0000 (11:30 +0200)
26 hours ago Mikael Magnussonlibobrender ABI changed since 3.5.2, bump .so version... master work release-3.6.1
2015-03-22 Mikael MagnussonForgot to check base size is set before using for ratio... release-3.6.0
2015-03-04 Mikael MagnussonAdd include of cairo.h when using librsvg review
2015-03-03 Mikael MagnussonUpdate version to 3.6
2015-03-03 Mikael MagnussonAdd missing file so make distcheck passes
2015-03-03 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-12 Dana JansensUpdate the gnome-session support for version 3.9.90...
2015-01-06 Mikael MagnussonSpecial case for unusual monitor setup
2014-11-10 Mikael MagnussonUpdate CHANGELOG again.
2014-11-07 Dana JansensRevert "Include rsvg-cairo.h for cairo-specific things"
2014-11-06 Michael Kjelbergvik... Update Norwegian translation.
2014-11-06 Mikael MagnussonClarify versioning comment instructions in
2014-11-05 Mikael MagnussonClean up translation files
2014-11-05 Javier ManceboAdd Galician translation.
2014-11-05 Jakub BłażejczykUpdate Polish translation.
2014-11-05 Mikael MagnussonMove some more code around to make it shorter
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5 years ago release- tagging the release
5 years ago release-3.4.11 tagging the 3.4.11 release
5 years ago mikabox- this is what i've been running...
5 years ago release-3.4.10 tagging the 3.4.10 release
5 years ago release-3.4.9 tagging the 3.4.9 release
5 years ago release-3.4.8 tagging the 3.4.8 release
5 years ago release-3.4.8-rc2 Post tag of -rc2 which was never...
7 years ago release- Tagging, same as 3.4.7...
7 years ago release- Obligatory brown paper bag. Tagging...
7 years ago release-3.4.7 The long-awaited 3.4.7 release.
7 years ago release-3.4.7-pre3 3rd prelease for 3.4.7
7 years ago release- the release!
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