fix issue with looping audio streams
[taylor/freespace2.git] / cmake /
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge emscripten port
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix broken FindSDL2.cmake from post-rebase merge
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at emscripten support
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge updated pxo code and related fixes
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsallow for finding both Win32 and Win64 lib versions
2016-12-12 Taylor Richardsgrab git info during build for use in version strings
2016-07-05 Taylor Richardsmerge updated graphics code
2016-07-05 Taylor Richardsunbreak libwebsockets finding on *nix
2016-07-04 Taylor Richardsmake path to deps easier on Win; add ANGLE dep for...
2016-03-30 Taylor Richardsmerge in fixes from Windows build
2016-03-26 Taylor Richardsorganize source files in folders for Visual Studio
2016-03-21 Taylor Richardsmerge new standalone server and client
2016-02-09 Taylor Richardsadd libwebsockets support
2015-09-08 Taylor RichardsMerge branch 'sdl2'
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsmerge in updated platform code
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardshandle SDL2 in a more cross-platform way