avoid sending LAN broadcast with PXO game query
[taylor/freespace2.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardsadd RELEASE_REAL to release builds
2016-12-12 Taylor Richardsmake sure to remove all binary variants on clean
2016-12-12 Taylor Richardsgrab git info during build for use in version strings
2016-12-10 Taylor Richardsmerge demo branch
2016-12-06 Taylor Richardsbump required SDL version to 2.0.5 (for Windows crash...
2016-10-24 Taylor Richardsdon't build standalone gui for FS1 demo
2016-10-19 Taylor Richardsskip toolset building when it's a demo
2016-07-10 Taylor Richardsdetach from inetfile threads rather than waiting on...
2016-07-05 Taylor Richardsmerge updated graphics code
2016-07-04 Taylor Richardssilence compiler warnings (mostly shadow variables)
2016-07-04 Taylor Richardsset fonttool as console app in order to get usage text
2016-07-04 Taylor Richardsmake path to deps easier on Win; add ANGLE dep for...
2016-03-30 Taylor Richardsmerge in fixes from Windows build
2016-03-28 Taylor Richardschange binary names to make retail release
2016-03-26 Taylor Richardsclean up Windows #include's and use winsock2
2016-03-26 Taylor Richardsorganize source files in folders for Visual Studio
2016-03-21 Taylor Richardsmerge new standalone server and client
2016-03-21 Taylor Richardsbuild standalone GUI by default
2016-03-17 Taylor Richardsadd test for existing instance of game (an error condition)
2016-03-17 Taylor Richardsread port setting from config file if needed
2016-03-09 Taylor Richardsfix building of some tools (libwebsocket dep)
2016-03-08 Taylor Richardsadd first stages of GUI for standalone
2016-02-09 Taylor Richardsadd libwebsockets support
2015-09-08 Taylor RichardsMerge branch 'sdl2'
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardscleaner cfg setup, launcher, initial user prep
2015-04-03 Taylor RichardsThe Launcher
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsinitial launcher code
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsset cmake policy and avoid some warnings in new versions
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsreplace setjmp with try-catch
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsmerge in updated platform code
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsplatform and pstypes cleanup:
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsdelete warning #pragma's from source; disable in CMakeL...
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardssilence various MSVC warnings
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsnebedit needs c++11 flag too (for wxWidgets)
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardssilence various clang warnings
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsput PLATFORM_LIBRARIES in a few more places
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsmake sure Windows uses correct app types (GUI/console)
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardssupport for additional platform specific libraries
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsstub out stand_gui for all platforms for now
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at a real cleanup of cmake files
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsmerge updated toolset
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardspofview: it works
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardshandle SDL2 in a more cross-platform way
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsmore "tools" complete
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsvery start of wxWidgets support; may ditch it later
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsget fonttool cleaned up and working
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsadd/update toolset
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsbetter support cmake generated project files
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsuse single main() and let SDL handle the platform stuff
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsinitial switch to cmake