2003-04-19 Dana Jansensconvert STRING properties from "ISO-8859-1" instead...
2003-04-19 Dana Jansenscheck the string not the pointer to it
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensthe mouse grab screws that up
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensdispatch presses and releases during a move/resize
2003-04-18 Dana Jansenskill the debug prints for now
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensnm cant do it.. damn
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensignore another type of crossing event, caused when...
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensjust formatting
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensyet MORE changes to how focusin/out's are handled....
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensadjust choosing to focus new windows, make it more...
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensdont need to sync
2003-04-18 Dana Jansenscheck for client_normal before focusing
2003-04-18 Dana Jansenswhen unfocusing a window (e.g. unmanaging) try fallback...
2003-04-18 Dana Jansenstry focus other transients of the parent window when...
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensunset it AFTER using it...
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensunset the client when done moveresizing
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensdon't wait(), the glib function does that for us woot.
2003-04-18 Dana Jansensmore strict rules on what will be focused by the focusN...
2003-04-18 Dana Jansenscomment typo
2003-04-18 Dana Jansenswatch out when unmanaging a window, that it is not...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensa) put transient windows on the same desktop as their...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensdistribute focus when entering/leaving show-the-desktop...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensremove debug print
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensadd the left/right/top/bottom direction arrows and...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensnet_WM!@^&(
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensuse the right client
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensdont use the client if there is none
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensdont ignore all Virtual pointer events
2003-04-17 Dana Jansens02:33 (@xor) omg yes
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensfix grip workspace cycling
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensfix up support for moveresize. make keyboard grabs...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensdo not shadow parameter pls
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensinitialize start_x/y
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensadd support for interactive/keyboard move/resize
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensadd support for net_moveresize_window and net_wm_moveresize
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensuse the new cursor defn's
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensuse the new ptr cursor defn
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensmove the move/resize functionality into moveresize...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensput text centered in the popup dialog properly
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensmake alt-middle the default resize binding
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensadd more cursors for move/resizing, and use the arrows...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensgrab pointer during cycling to remove focus screwups...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansenssave the client and context during drags since a pointe...
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensignore virtual crossing events..
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensthat was dumb, it was metacity's fault
2003-04-17 Dana Jansensonly cycle to visible windows
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensdont send menu events to plugins
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensshow the root menu on right click
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensmenus works on some level. add a built-in root menu
2003-04-16 Dana Jansenscode cleanup
2003-04-16 Dana Jansenswhen flags are not set assume bette defaults
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensraise menus above clients.
2003-04-16 Dana Jansenssave the window ids in a map for the menus
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensonly change the group info if the group flag is set
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensonly add transients if we are IN a group
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensoops nm
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensless ()s cleanup
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensremove transients before removing ourlselves from teh...
2003-04-16 Dana Jansensset the group to null when removeing ourselves from it
2003-04-15 Dana Jansenswatch out for missing a name
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensmake menu font smaller and !bold for now
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensstart of showing/rendering menus. woot!
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensload menu style stuff
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensmake minsize take int*'s not a Size*
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensremove transients of the group from teh window when...
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensadd group transients when setting up the group
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensbug in the search for transient_for's
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensupdate the theme stuff
2003-04-15 Marius Nitamore processor bummy
2003-04-15 Derek ForemanPYRAMID PARTY PART 2!!!
2003-04-15 Derek ForemanPYRAMID PARTY!!!
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensremove debug print
2003-04-15 Marius Nitanode processing code/macros, and other fixes
2003-04-15 Marius Nitaadded line numbers to nodes
2003-04-15 Marius Nitainit commit, tree processing code bummy
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensfixes for handling char**s
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensindenting oopsie
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensdont get a null at the end of the data, so use strndup
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensfix a seg from ignoreing PROP_GETSS failure
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensmore fixes for working with char**s
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensnullify the ends of the char**
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensremove casts from PROP defines. use proper vars and...
2003-04-14 Dana Jansenstext justification
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensshrink the area that the textures are rendered into...
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensrip the prop code i wrote in cwmcc out and make it...
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensthese menus should not be removed, they are good and...
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensclean up this mess of crap a lot
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensdo not commit bad char* foo that breaks on !32 bit...
2003-04-14 Marius Nitacleanups and such
2003-04-14 Marius Nitabeginning of obcl. the parser works with semicolons...
2003-04-14 Scott Moynes*** empty log message ***
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensallow _'s in identifiers
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensraise and lower all transients along with parents
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensapply layers to all transients. only raise once on...
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensifdef not ifndef
2003-04-13 Dana Jansenskeep all transient windows above their parents
2003-04-13 Dana Jansenssimple cleanups for the client_iconify function.
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensrm the unused vars
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensonyl focus 'normal' windows on map
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensonly keep fullscreen windows on top while they are...