2003-09-28 Dana Jansensupstream updates for TheBear
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensstart menus with the cursor inside it, not over the...
2003-09-28 Dana Jansenswhen nothing in a menu is selected, still let keybindin...
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensmake the timeout apply to releases on menu items too
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensperhaps fix problems of being left in menus without...
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensadd option for under-mouse placement
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensadd option for under-mouse placement
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensremoving focusLast again..
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensfix resizing to 0 from aspect ratios
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensremove debug prints
2003-09-28 Dana Jansenstry grab an icon even when there are none
2003-09-28 Dana Jansenshalfway through client changes but...
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensremove the obconf stuff
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensadd the dialog option for actions
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensremove the dialog option section
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensremove from parents when changing groups
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensformatting, add an assert
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensindenting
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensproperly show/hide the dialog for the Desktop action
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensbetter focus fallbacking n shit
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensok unfocus before removing transient shit, but remove...
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensthat was a really bad idea, i didnt mean it, i swear
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensfix cancelling desktordir actions
2003-09-27 Dana Jansenssome smarter focus fallback for sloppy focus
2003-09-27 Dana Jansensunfocus before unlinking the client from the transient...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensallow focus and desktop actions to specify a <dialog...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensremove the dialog options
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensdont use undermouse at all if focusNew is off
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse under-mouse placement *instead* of smart placement...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensrencent changes
2003-09-26 Dana Jansenswhen looking for the focus target, search for modal...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansenssmarter picking valid focus cycle targets
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensallow focus fallbacks to fullscreen windows
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse client_raise/lower instead of action_run_string
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd client_raise and client_lower which just fire off...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse actions for raising
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensbring back action_run_string,
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse action_run_string for raising/lowering
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensbring back action_run_string
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse an action only for Raise
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensremove action_run_string, as this is not going to be...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd a NONE user action, for internal stuff, ie running...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensdont iconify fullscreen windows, just recalc stacking...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse actions to focus and raise the wnidow ni client_act...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensdont run actions immediately. put them in the queue...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensqueue up ObActions and run them when idle
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensgive actions a ref count
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensindenting
2003-09-26 Dana Jansenschecked the wrong var for unmaxing
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd <dialog><focus/><desktop/> to allow disabling popups
2003-09-26 Dana Jansenslast couple changes
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd <dock><moveButton> which can change which button...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensmake the Desktop action an interactive one
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensmake the desktop popup a public function
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensdont end moveresizes for interactive actions
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd some more client tree searching functions. make...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd the 875 bugfix
2003-09-26 Dana Jansenscomment the client_search_transient function
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensdont include transients in raise/lower interactions
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensshow the client menu on press instead of click on the...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd CHANGELOG to the dist
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensbeta6
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd a hand built changelog
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensremove teh CVS changelog
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensupdates and fixes for the xml/xsd shit
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensadd ob_wm_state_undecorated to the net_supported hint
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensremove debug print
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse partial struts to determine struts properly for...
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensadd client_set_undecorated().
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensremove openbox_premax, add ob_wm_state_undecorated
2003-09-25 Dana Jansenswrap public headers in G_BEGIN/END_DECLS
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensdont use the _OPENBOX_PREMAX window property anymore...
2003-09-25 Dana Jansenstypo
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensfix a variable used without being initialized case
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensremove old gnome1 shit
2003-09-25 Dana Jansenschange how stuff is linked, this should make libtool...
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensfocus new children if their direct parent is focused
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensmake the gnome-control-center launch obconf for configu...
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensfocus nwe transients when another window in their trans...
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensadd initial changelog for beta5
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensindenting
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensft was uninitialized
2003-09-25 Dana Jansensrecent changes
2003-09-25 Dana Jansenshandle the focus_cycle_target being destroyed during...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensdont kill interactive actions when the client dies...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensadd the ObClientActionReq to ObAction which says if...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensgive disabled active buttons a different color from...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensbeta5
2003-09-24 Dana Jansenssupport the _KDE_NET_WM_FRAME_STRUT hint
2003-09-24 Dana Jansenssupport the _KDE_WM_CHANGE_STATE hint
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensremove the kde systray hints, add _kde_wm_change_state...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensthrow in some output
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensadd PARTIAL_SRUT_EQUAL
2003-09-24 Dana Jansenshide the dock when reconfiguring otherwise the user...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensinsert timers in the correct order
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensfix for icons.c
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensfix problems with conflicing interactive desktop switch...
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensadd raise to the desktop left press binding
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensignore all NotifyInferior crossing events again
2003-09-23 Dana Jansenstypo