2007-07-21 Dana Jansenscleanup
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensmore updates for the git instruction
2007-07-21 Dana JansensMerge branch 'master' of git://mikachu.ath.cx/openbox
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensupdate changelog for translation updates
2007-07-21 Dana JansensUpdated Arabic translation
2007-07-21 Dana JansensUpdated Czech translation
2007-07-21 Mikael MagnussonUpdate git instructions a bit
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensupdate for the new autopoint
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensdon't resist in orthoganal directions when key resizing...
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensupdate changelog with recent changes
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensdon't move parents and children over when inserting...
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensremove a debug print
2007-07-21 Dana Jansenslet you resize aspect ratio windows in north and south...
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensthe resistance resizing has been changed from "lock...
2007-07-20 Dana Jansensdon't crash from very short windows
2007-07-20 Dana JansensMerge commit 'mika/master'
2007-07-20 Mikael Magnussonupdate finnish translation
2007-07-20 Mikael Magnussonupdated german, estonian, brazilian portuguese and...
2007-07-20 Dana Jansensadd new bindings to the changelog
2007-07-20 Mikael Magnussonxml values for per app settings should be case insensitive
2007-07-20 Mikael Magnussonupdate italian translation
2007-07-19 Dana Jansenschangelog for 3.4.3
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensdon't resist when resizing terminals with the keyboard
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensfix growtoedge so it doesn't move terminal windows...
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensmissing header
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensdecorate actions were backwards
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensmake the master branch's version very unique and fun
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensuse keypress for navigating the menu but use keyrelease...
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensuse keyrelease to fire menu actions not key press
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensignore .libs and .deps dirs
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensbump version
2007-07-18 Dana Jansensdon't restack windows when they request it with an...
2007-07-18 Dana Jansenstake care when sibling is specified as an unmanaged...
2007-07-18 Dana JansensGrab the server when mapping a client and frame, to...
2007-07-17 Dana Jansensadd TAGS to .gitignore
2007-07-17 Mikael Magnussonremove trailing whitespace
2007-07-16 Dana Jansensdon't make moving terminals jump at the start
2007-07-16 Mikael MagnussonRequire libstartup-notification 0.8
2007-07-15 Dana JansensDon't cancel interactive action when another one is...
2007-07-15 Dana Jansensupdate the default rc.xml with the new actions syntax...
2007-07-15 Dana JansensMerge branch 'mika'
2007-07-15 Dana Jansensa number for placing windows, to keep them on screen...
2007-07-15 Mikael Magnussonfix it.po header
2007-07-15 Dana Jansensdon't use freed memory as the coordinates to place...
2007-07-15 Dana Jansenswas incorrectly using the width for calculations instea...
2007-07-15 Dana JansensUpdate italian translation from Davide Truffa
2007-07-14 Mikael Magnussonprevious should not mean the same as last
2007-07-14 Mikael Magnussonno splitting _() strings
2007-07-14 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'master' of git://orodu.net/openbox
2007-07-14 Mikael Magnusson80 cols everywhere
2007-07-14 Dana Jansenssplit the focustobottom action back out from unfocus
2007-07-14 Mikael Magnusson80 cols in dock.c
2007-07-13 Mikael Magnussonmake .gitignore more sane
2007-07-13 Mikael Magnussonupdate polish translation by Piotr Drąg <raven@pmail.pl>
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensok i take that back
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensi know c...honest.
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensadd hardcoded key binds back
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensfix directionalcycle/target
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensthe menu.c was renamed
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmove dockautohide back to ToggleDockAutoHide
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmoev showdesktop back to ToggleShowDesktop
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmove menu action back to ShowMenu
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmove directionalcycling actions into the same .c file...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmake cyclewindows action into nextwindow and previouswi...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensrename switchtodesktop to gotodesktop. make stuff...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmove desktop and directionaldesktop actions to SwitchTo...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensupdate hardcoded bindings to previous changes
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensfix up the sendtolayer actions
2007-07-13 Dana Jansenssplit layer action back into togglealwaysontop, togglea...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensredo the maximize actions into maximize/unmaximize...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansenslet you specify up/down as well as top/bottom for resiz...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansenslet you specify <command> or <execute> for execute...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansenssplit decorations into decorate/undecorate/toggledecora...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensrename fullscreen back to togglefullscreen
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensdon't move focus if the window appears or disappears
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmake omnipresent back into toggleomnipresent
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensadding comments
2007-07-13 Dana Jansenssplit shade back into shade/unshade/toggleshade
2007-07-13 Mikael Magnussonuse dock_get_area instead of accessing dock struct...
2007-07-13 Mikael Magnussonsplit out edge detecting code a bit so it is easy to...
2007-07-13 Mikael Magnussonchange dock to use a Rect area instead of four ints
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensremoving composite.h
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensfix building without startup notification
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensrenaming the readme for git-ish
2007-07-12 Mikael Magnussonupdate dutch translation and mark translations with...
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensonly add group transients when you have a group
2007-07-12 Dana JansensRemove composte.c
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensadd the .gitignore file and update the po files
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensadding trunk
2007-07-12 Mikael Magnussonclear the fuzzy strings and mark translations without...
2007-07-12 Mikael Magnussonupdate dutch translation
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensfix grow to edge stuff. also fix key-resizing terminals.
2007-07-11 Mikael Magnussonfix the remaining reversed actions_client_move
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensonly end the interactive action if it's the action...
2007-07-11 Dana Jansens*^^*
2007-07-11 Dana Jansenscancel the interactive action only if runing another...
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensoops
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensfix if action's "focused"
2007-07-11 Dana Jansenscycleinwdows defaults to forward
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensclever code by mika-kun