changed to reflect toolkit change
[mikachu/openbox.git] / util /
2002-11-01 Marius Nitachanged to reflect toolkit change
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake bsetroot compile with the new codebase
2002-08-31 Dana Jansenssync with the 2.0 branch
2002-08-15 Dana Jansenssync with bb-cvs
2002-08-08 Dana Jansenssync with blackbox-cvs
2002-07-10 Dana Jansenssync with bb cvs
2002-05-28 Dana Jansensupdated nls to use
2002-05-25 Dana Jansensreusing the blackbox-cvs bsetroot. it did in fact work...
2002-05-25 Dana Jansensimprted new tools from bb-cvs
2002-05-23 Dana Jansensmake work with new i18n
2002-05-15 Dana Jansensbetter setting of atoms. plugged memory leak.
2002-05-15 Dana Jansensbetter behavior with root pixmap atoms. create them...
2002-05-15 Dana Jansensupdate to work with renamed function in BaseDisplay
2002-05-14 Dana Jansensnew version of bsetbg
2002-05-14 Dana Jansensnew version of bsetroot ported from blackbox cvs
2002-05-07 Dana Jansensgcc 3 compatibility, converted strstreams to stringstreams
2002-05-05 Dana Jansensfix headers to use the new defines
2002-04-28 Dana Jansenstook bsetroot from Blackbox moving_target.. "bsetroot...
2002-04-14 Dana JansensFixed bsetroot to use the new Geometries returned in...
2002-04-14 Dana Jansensmade bsetroot compile with the new code for references...
2002-04-11 Dana JansensInitial revision