changed to reflect toolkit change
[mikachu/openbox.git] / util /
2002-11-01 Marius Nitachanged to reflect toolkit change
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensno more epist compiling
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake bsetroot compile with the new codebase
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake epist compile with the new code base
2002-07-25 Dana Jansensadd the xftlsfonts utility
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd no_NO and ro_RO translations
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensmake epist not build with the rest of the source tree
2002-07-11 Dana Jansensadding epist!
2002-06-05 Dana Jansenssynched with bb-cvs. couple bug fixes.
2002-05-28 Dana Jansensfix bug where destroying the wrong windows in BlackboxW...
2002-05-25 Dana Jansensimprted new tools from bb-cvs
2002-05-13 Dana Jansensfix compilign without LinkedList
2002-04-14 Dana JansensFixed bsetroot to use the new Geometries returned in...
2002-04-13 Scott MoynesFixed a bug in the bsetroot build that caused really...
2002-04-11 Dana JansensInitial revision