make the icons program a C app.
[mikachu/openbox.git] / otk /
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensadd _NET_DESKTOP_LAYOUT and _NET_SHOWING_DESKTOP
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensuse a solid color for the default background
2003-02-10 Dana Jansenslayout fixes, give widgets a default texture, etc.
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensset the _text
2003-02-09 Dana Jansensuse parentrelative when theres no texture set
2003-02-09 Dana Jansensuse the c++ std cheaders
2003-02-09 Dana Jansenssigned ints instead of unsigned ints again. less pain...
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensmad optimizations
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensudpate to new api
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensstacked cycling menu works now. add a highlighted flag...
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensrm the headers that are no longer existing
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensadd the new size class' header
2003-02-08 Dana JansensBrand spankin new widgets for otk (Label and Button).
2003-02-06 Dana Jansensmake "make dist" work, compiler flags cleanups
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensnew swig build system. much better. yay.
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensdont make wrap a subdir of otk
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensmove the otk wrapper stuff into its own dir
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensprovide pkg-config info for libotk
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensuse bevel width on the top/bottom too
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensuse the widget's bevel width
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensdon't wait for x events if any timers fired
2003-02-05 Dana Jansens80 cols
2003-02-05 Dana Jansens80 cols
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensvarious fixes to the otk widgets
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensadd an adjustable event mask
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensadd operator==
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensenforce a min size
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensupdate children first
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensdont include config.h from ..
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensadd the headers, and install them
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensall new stacked cycling code. so much sexy.
2003-02-03 Dana Jansenssupport pseudocolor and greyscale displays by, using...
2003-02-03 Dana Jansensadd pseudorendercontrol
2003-02-03 Dana Jansensinclude stdio
2003-02-03 Dana Jansensdont let this run past the buffer edge
2003-02-02 Dana Jansensnew merry theme updates
2003-02-02 Dana Jansenscheck before deleting
2003-02-02 Dana Jansensrm configuration class
2003-02-02 Dana Jansensrm this shit
2003-02-02 Dana Jansensno more configuration.hh
2003-02-02 Dana Jansensdelete the surface in destructor
2003-02-01 Dana Jansensadd operator==
2003-02-01 Dana Jansensmaximizing!
2003-02-01 Derek Foremanadded compile time check for client endianness
2003-02-01 Derek Foremananother attempt at fixing strange endian issues
2003-02-01 Derek ForemanGet the bit shifts from the client, not server
2003-02-01 Derek Foremanproperly support "cross endian" configurations
2003-02-01 Dana Jansensfieron default
2003-01-31 Dana Jansenstry appending our shit to the path, and not import...
2003-01-30 Dana Jansenschanges to the MERRY style
2003-01-30 Dana Jansensworking popups for moving/resizing
2003-01-30 Dana Jansenspopups for moving and resizing
2003-01-30 Dana Jansensmake parents dirty when a widget resizes
2003-01-30 Dana Jansensadd debug print
2003-01-29 Dana JansensFIERON default
2003-01-29 Derek ForemanChange the order of the color components in a pixel32...
2003-01-29 Dana Jansenssmaller font
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensadd merry's style as an option
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensmake .py rule
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensignore errors when proxying configurerequests
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensallow for ignoring x errors.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensallow for ignoring x errors.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansenslink the test apps properly
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensonly ignore NotifyGrab again
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensrm debug print
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensignore more focus events, and also crossing events...
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensmove the font up in the file so its generated before...
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensinclude gettext.h from ../src
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensinclude gettext from ../src
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensa little reordering.. useless really
2003-01-28 Dana JansenssetStyle in the constructor
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensfont use the same ifdefs as label.hh
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensadjust chicldren relative to self, not root
2003-01-27 Dana JansenssetStyle in the constructor of each child widget
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensrm an old stdio include
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensdescribe -DSWIG_GLOBAL
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensotk should not be including anything in src/
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensopenbox scripting works again! config too!
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensadd new shit
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensuse otk objects in the ob scripts by importing otk
2003-01-25 Dana Jansensadd path to include
2003-01-25 Derek ForemanAdded diagonal and crossdiagonal gradients
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensallow python to grab the keyboard. have release events...
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensput back the font
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensbold non-shadowed font
2003-01-24 Dana Jansenssmaller, non-bold font
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensout with the blackbox source
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensrm all the bb shit
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove the old blackbox bullshit
2003-01-23 Derek ForemanAdded color reduction for 16bpp displays
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensput back the background
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensset the root window, to a color for now
2003-01-23 Derek Foremanfixed incredibly embarassing cut'n'paste error in highlight
2003-01-23 Derek ForemanFixed corners of bevels
2003-01-23 Derek ForemanAdded bevels
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove the word "sticky" from everywhere, and replace...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove the border on the handle
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove debug printfs
2003-01-23 Derek Foremanadded borders to gradient backgrounds
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove debug printf