add the config header and emacs comment to all the .cc's
[mikachu/openbox.git] / otk /
2002-11-17 Dana Jansensadd the config header and emacs comment to all the...
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensadd an OtkAppWidget which are "root windows", i.e....
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensnew button that is a focuslabel
2002-11-16 Marius Nitaadded otkapplication and event stuff, changed other...
2002-11-15 Marius Nitaerm
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensdont hide label
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensit resizes now
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensresizes
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensmake stuff draw on expose events
2002-11-14 Marius Nitabutton crap
2002-11-13 Marius Nitaer
2002-11-13 Marius Nitaupdated for the new MAD SEXY widget and focuswidget
2002-11-11 Dana Jansensunused include
2002-11-11 Dana Jansensfix some errs
2002-11-11 Marius Nitasmall test for OtkWidget