no more configuration.hh
[mikachu/openbox.git] / otk / otk.hh
2003-02-02 Dana Jansensno more configuration.hh
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensa little reordering.. useless really
2003-01-23 Dana Jansenscompiles with the new render subsystem...
2003-01-18 Dana Jansenssurface started
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensstart of new render code
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensotk::Timer-ng!! thanks ManMower for this shizznit!
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensalmost done the ustring conversion
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensrm prefixes for all elements in the otk namepsace
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensadd a header for including everything for otk