added otkapplication and event stuff, changed other files to accomodate for this...
[mikachu/openbox.git] / otk /
2002-11-16 Marius Nitaadded otkapplication and event stuff, changed other...
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensonly do shit if the size changed
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensresizes
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensbutton::updte sets _dirty back to false
2002-11-15 Dana Jansenssmarter expose. stop when the window is found
2002-11-15 Dana Jansenstry make drawing work better but its busted
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensmake stuff draw on expose events
2002-11-14 Marius Nitaworking button class (minus fonts)
2002-11-11 Marius Nitabeginnings of button class