replace the focus_backup with the screen_support_win, we dont need 2 offscreen windows.
[mikachu/openbox.git] / openbox / popup.c
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensprefixing for the Popup->ObPopup struct
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensprefixing and capitalization for the Frame->ObFrame...
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensrename the Client struct to ObClient
2003-06-29 Dana Jansenscreate the popup's window before adding it to the stack...
2003-06-28 Dana Jansensdont need to raise after adding
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensput the render theme into a struct
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensfixed to accomodate the changes to the render/ API.
2003-06-20 Dana Jansenssimply the render interface by not requiring the settin...
2003-06-20 Dana Jansensremove non-planar surfaces
2003-05-28 Dana Jansensproper centering of the text in popups without icons
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensadd anotehr stacking_add function.
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensadd internal popups n shit to the stacking list.
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensadd shit that i made in the last week!