use the NONE cursor when not specifying a cursor
[mikachu/openbox.git] / openbox / mouse.c
2003-09-03 Dana Jansensuse the NONE cursor when not specifying a cursor
2003-09-03 Dana Jansensadd a reconfigure action, also reconfigure on SIGUSR2.
2003-09-03 Dana Jansensdont grab frame context mouse bindings on desktop windows
2003-08-31 Dana Jansenswhen no modifiers are in a binding, then make it non...
2003-08-30 Dana Jansensmake interactive actions a type and not special cases.
2003-08-20 Dana Jansensrename the 'root' context to 'desktop'
2003-08-20 Dana Jansensuse the result from XGetGeometry correctly
2003-08-20 Dana Jansenshandle the XGetGeomtry failing for button releases
2003-08-20 Dana Jansensdont grab client context stuff on desktop windows....
2003-08-20 Dana Jansensgrab root mouse bindings on desktop windows also, since...
2003-08-12 Dana Jansensadjust for changes to the parsing api.
2003-08-12 Dana Jansensprefix/capitalize the mouse actions enum
2003-08-12 Dana Jansensadd an option for if the popup is used for desktop...
2003-08-12 Dana Jansensremove debug printings
2003-08-12 Dana Jansensmove the keyboard and mouse plugins into the kernel...