update copyright step 2
[mikachu/openbox.git] / openbox / mainloop.h
2006-08-22 Mikael Magnussonupdate copyright step 2
2006-08-17 Mikael Magnussonadd a means to tell the timer destroy function not...
2004-03-18 Mikael Magnussonthe old event code
2003-09-29 Dana Jansensprovide a callback for when there are no more X events...
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensqueue up ObActions and run them when idle
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensno tabs
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensadd copyright headers, adjust --version output to inclu...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensrevert my commit of d3th, it fucked up focus badly
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensbreak focus. or maybe make it better.
2003-09-03 Dana Jansensadd ob_main_loop_timeout_remove_data.
2003-08-30 Dana Jansensusing the ObMainLoop, which rulz the planet