rename the Client struct to ObClient
[mikachu/openbox.git] / openbox / frame.h
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensrename the Client struct to ObClient
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensadd decoration state to the frame struct. make client_c...
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensfixed to accomodate the changes to the render/ API.
2003-04-25 Dana Jansenslet the frame hold a focus state so that it can lie.
2003-04-13 Dana Jansenspass the Client for frame_context cuz the client might...
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensmove the openbox engine into librender and the kernel...
2003-04-05 Dana Jansensuse a context enum instead of quarks
2003-03-16 Dana Jansensmerge the C branch into HEAD