Indentation stuff
[mikachu/openbox.git] / obcl /
2003-04-30 Marius Nitathoughts and shit
2003-04-15 Marius Nitamore processor bummy
2003-04-15 Marius Nitanode processing code/macros, and other fixes
2003-04-15 Marius Nitaadded line numbers to nodes
2003-04-15 Marius Nitainit commit, tree processing code bummy
2003-04-14 Marius Nitacleanups and such
2003-04-14 Marius Nitabeginning of obcl. the parser works with semicolons...
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensback to automake
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensmove the openbox engine into librender and the kernel...
2003-04-09 Dana Jansensadd libcwmcc and libobcl