rm the obsetroot tool and the wrap shit from swig
authorDana Jansens <danakj@orodu.net>
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 18:43:51 +0000 (18:43 +0000)
committerDana Jansens <danakj@orodu.net>
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 18:43:51 +0000 (18:43 +0000)
rm the obsetroot tool and the wrap shit from swig
29 files changed:
tools/.cvsignore [deleted file]
tools/Makefile.am [deleted file]
tools/obsetroot.cc [deleted file]
wrap/.cvsignore [deleted file]
wrap/Makefile.am [deleted file]
wrap/ob.i [deleted file]
wrap/ob_callback.i [deleted file]
wrap/ob_client.i [deleted file]
wrap/ob_frame.i [deleted file]
wrap/ob_openbox.i [deleted file]
wrap/ob_python.i [deleted file]
wrap/ob_screen.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_application.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_appwidget.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_button.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_font.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_label.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_point.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_property.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_rect.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_rendercolor.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_renderstyle.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_rendertexture.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_size.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_strut.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_timer.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_ustring.i [deleted file]
wrap/otk_widget.i [deleted file]