2010-06-02 Lasse CollinSilence a bogus Valgrind warning.
2010-06-02 Lasse CollinFix a Windows-specific FIXME in signal handling code.
2010-06-02 Lasse CollinAdjust SA_RESTART workaround.
2010-06-01 Lasse Collinxz man page updates.
2010-06-01 Lasse CollinMajor update to xz --list.
2010-06-01 Lasse CollinRename message_filters_get() to message_filters_to_str().
2010-06-01 Lasse CollinFix a comment.
2010-05-27 Lasse CollinFix lzma_block_compressed_size().
2010-05-27 Lasse CollinTake Cygwin into account in some #if lines.
2010-05-27 Lasse CollinRemove references to the Subblock filter in xz and...
2010-05-27 Lasse CollinRemove unused chunk_size.c.
2010-05-27 Jonathan NiederUse my_min() instead of MIN() in src/xz/list.c
2010-05-26 Lasse CollinRename MIN() and MAX() to my_min() and my_max().
2010-05-26 Lasse CollinFix compilation of debug/known_sizes.c.
2010-05-26 Lasse CollinRemove references to Subblock filter in debug/sync_flush.c.
2010-05-26 Lasse CollinBetter #error message.
2010-05-26 Lasse CollinRemove the Subblock filter code for now.
2010-05-16 Lasse CollinSplit message_filters().
2010-05-14 Lasse CollinOmit lzma_restrict from the API headers.
2010-05-10 Lasse CollinUpdated INSTALL.
2010-05-10 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2010-05-10 Lasse CollinUpdates to tuklib_physmem and tuklib_cpucores.
2010-04-12 Lasse CollinShow both elapsed time and estimated remaining time...
2010-03-31 Lasse CollinAdd a simple tip to faq.txt about tar and xz.
2010-03-22 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2010-03-07 Lasse CollinFix xzgrep to not break if filenames have spaces or...
2010-03-07 Lasse CollinTreat all integer multiplier suffixes as base-2.
2010-03-07 Lasse CollinConsistently round up the memory usage limit in messages.
2010-03-07 Lasse CollinChange the default of --enable-assume-ram from 32 to...
2010-03-07 Lasse CollinIncrease the default memory usage limit on "low-memory...
2010-03-06 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2010-03-06 Lasse CollinFix missing initialization in lzma_strm_init().
2010-02-12 Lasse CollinCollection of language fixes to comments and docs.
2010-02-12 Lasse CollinFix jl -> jb in ASM files.
2010-02-12 Lasse CollinUse __APPLE__ instead of __MACH__ in ASM files.
2010-02-07 Lasse CollinSubtle change to liblzma Block handling API.
2010-02-02 Lasse CollinFix wrong assertion.
2010-02-01 Lasse CollinUpdated TODO.
2010-02-01 Lasse CollinFix typos in comments.
2010-02-01 Lasse CollinFix signal handling for --list.
2010-02-01 Lasse CollinFix compression of symlinks with --force.
2010-02-01 Lasse CollinFix a comment.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinUpdated TODO.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinMention TODO in README.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinUpdated INSTALL.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinRevise the Windows build files.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinSelect the default integrity check type at runtime.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinImprove displaying of the memory usage limit.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinDon't use uninitialized sigset_t.
2010-01-31 Lasse CollinDelay opening the destionation file and other fixes.
2010-01-29 Lasse CollinAdd list.h to src/xz/Makefile.am.
2010-01-29 Lasse CollinAdd lzmainfo.1 to manfiles list to convert to .txt...
2010-01-27 Lasse CollinSilence two compiler warnings on DOS-like systems.
2010-01-27 Lasse CollinUse PACKAGE_URL instead of custom PACKAGE_HOMEPAGE.
2010-01-26 Lasse CollinAdd a missing space to an error message.
2010-01-26 Lasse CollinUse past tense in error message in io_unlink().
2010-01-26 Lasse CollinFix too small static buffer in util.c.
2010-01-26 Lasse CollinMinor comment fix.
2010-01-24 Lasse CollinAdd initial version of xz --list.
2010-01-24 Lasse CollinAdd io_pread().
2010-01-24 Lasse CollinSet LC_NUMERIC=C when --robot is used.
2010-01-24 Lasse CollinSome improvements to printing sizes in xz.
2010-01-20 Lasse CollinFix a typo in README.
2010-01-17 Lasse CollinUpdated windows/Makefile.
2010-01-15 Lasse CollinUpdate the xz man page to match the previous two commits.
2010-01-13 Lasse CollinDon't read compressed data from a terminal or write it
2010-01-13 Lasse CollinDon't compress or decompress special files unless writing
2010-01-12 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2010-01-12 Lasse CollinAdd IRIX-specific code to tuklib_physmem and tuklib_cpu...
2009-12-31 Lasse CollinFix _memconfig() functions.
2009-12-31 Lasse CollinRevised the Index handling code.
2009-12-31 Lasse CollinRemove c-format tag in cs.po.
2009-12-31 Lasse CollinAdd missing lzma_nothrow in filter.h.
2009-12-09 Lasse CollinRemove redefinition of _(msgid) macro from lzmainfo.c.
2009-12-09 Jonathan Niederupdate po/.gitignore
2009-12-08 Lasse CollinAlways rely on GCC's auto-import on Windows.
2009-12-07 Lasse CollinFix file_io.c on DOS-like systems.
2009-12-07 Lasse CollinAdd Czech translation.
2009-12-07 Lasse CollinAdd a note for translators to add a bug reporting address
2009-12-07 Lasse CollinPrevent xgettext from taking one regular string as...
2009-11-28 Lasse CollinRemove duplicate code in io_open_dest().
2009-11-26 Lasse CollinTypo fix to sysdefs.h.
2009-11-26 Lasse CollinFix a memory leak in test_index.c.
2009-11-25 Lasse CollinAdd missing error check to coder.c.
2009-11-25 Lasse CollinFix bugs in lzma_index_read() and lzma_index_cat().
2009-11-25 Lasse CollinIndex decoder fixes.
2009-11-25 Lasse CollinCreate sparse files by default when decompressing into
2009-11-22 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2009-11-22 Lasse CollinAdd missing consts to pointer casts.
2009-11-22 Lasse CollinEnable assembler code only if it is known to work
2009-11-22 Lasse CollinMake fastpos.h use tuklib_integer.h instead of bsr.h
2009-11-22 Lasse CollinUpdate tuklib_integer.h with bit scan functions.
2009-11-20 Lasse CollinUpdate tuklib_cpucores.m4 and tuklib_physmem.m4 from...
2009-11-16 Lasse CollinAdd support for --info-memory and --robot to xz.
2009-11-15 Lasse CollinFix wrong indentation caused by incorrect settings
2009-11-15 Lasse CollinAdd lzma_physmem().
2009-11-14 Lasse CollinUpdated THANKS.
2009-11-14 Lasse CollinSome updates to xz man page.
2009-11-14 Lasse CollinFix description of --memory in --long-help.