Removed what I believe is an incorrect #ifdef HAVE_* test.
[icculus/xz.git] /
2010-10-26 Lasse CollinMerge branch 'v5.0'
2010-10-26 Lasse CollinBuild: Copy the example programs to $docdir/examples.
2010-10-23 Lasse CollinBuild: Fix mydist rule when .git doesn't exist. v5.0.0
2010-09-28 Lasse CollinCreate the PDF versions of the man pages better.
2010-09-28 Lasse CollinMove to build-aux.
2010-06-11 Lasse CollinPut the git commit to the filename in mydist rule.
2010-01-29 Lasse CollinAdd lzmainfo.1 to manfiles list to convert to .txt...
2009-08-27 Lasse Collin"make dist" fixes v4.999.9beta
2009-08-27 Lasse CollinAdd missing files to EXTRA_DIST.
2009-08-27 Lasse CollinAdd "dos" to EXTRA_DIST.
2009-08-17 Lasse CollinInstall faq.txt.
2009-08-13 Lasse CollinAdd xz man page to manfiles in toplevel
2009-07-24 Lasse CollinAdded history.txt to doc_DATA.
2009-07-19 Lasse CollinMajor documentation update.
2009-07-18 Lasse CollinUse AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR to clean up the toplevel directory
2009-07-12 Lasse CollinAdd dist-hook to create ChangeLog from the commit log,
2009-06-26 Lasse CollinAdd to EXTRA_DIST.
2009-04-13 Lasse CollinPut the interesting parts of XZ Utils into the public...
2009-02-05 Lasse CollinAdd the "windows" directory to EXTRA_DIST.
2008-11-29 Lasse CollinAutomake includes the m4 directory, so don't add it in
2008-04-25 Lasse CollinBumped version number to 4.999.3alpha. It will become...
2008-01-18 Lasse CollinAdded the debug directory and the first debug tool
2007-12-10 Lasse CollinDisabled some unneeded warnings and made "make dist... v4.42.2alpha
2007-12-08 Lasse CollinImported to git.