descriptionPort of yast2-qt to Qt 4.x
ownerDuncan Mac-Vicar Prett
last changeSat, 15 Dec 2007 00:18:15 +0000 (00:18 +0000)
2007-12-15 dmacvicarclicking packages work! so the package selector is now master
2007-12-14 coolofix painting
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- installation summary looks nice
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- Don't crash on warnings (where is that NDEBUG defined?)
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- start fixing repository list and versions view
2007-12-14 dmacvicarfix search widget layout
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- Don't create layouts with parent. Qt 4.x automaticall...
2007-12-13 coolosimplify build requires
2007-12-12 coolodon't reset the changes file
2007-12-12 sh-sh-shmoved default button handling to base class
2007-12-12 coolorenamed the component back to qt
2007-12-12 cooloqt4 is the new kid on the bloxx
2007-12-12 cooloI wish it had helped :)
2007-12-12 coolohah! you only need to threaten yast with enough debug...
2007-12-12 cooloone theory what it can be
2007-12-12 coolocorrectly pass the opt flags
13 years ago master