2007-12-05 cooloDuncan, for you
2007-12-05 coolodrawContent is no more
2007-12-05 cooloQt3 support is gone for the base UI
2007-12-05 cooloQt3support--
2007-12-05 cooloqt3support--
2007-12-05 coolowhat an ugly class - is that really used in yast? I...
2007-12-05 cooloI didn't get why RadioButton is a group, so I got rid...
2007-12-04 dmacvicarnow it starts to look like a package selector, QY2Combo...
2007-12-04 dmacvicar- trying to get disk usage to paint something, no suces...
2007-12-04 cooloDuncan prefers playing tetris - or something along...
2007-12-04 coolodisabling the style for now as the theming causes terrible
2007-12-04 coolooh, compile
2007-12-04 cooloparse the stylesheet in an extra class
2007-12-04 coologet rid of the last pngs to load
2007-12-04 coolomoving classes where they are used
2007-12-04 coolothis is not implemented
2007-12-04 cooloI guess this is part of automake support
2007-12-04 cooloHuha's changes are in
2007-12-03 coolocopy
2007-12-03 coolofix layout
2007-12-03 coologive duncan something to grep for :)
2007-12-03 coologetting rid of QT3_SUPPORT here too (added FIXMEs)
2007-12-03 coolomerge in changes from wizard-rework. Still work in...
2007-12-03 coolomerging in the first half of the branch - not compiling
2007-12-03 dmacvicarlistviews have columns
2007-12-03 dmacvicarcompile
2007-12-03 dmacvicarcompile
2007-12-03 dmacvicarYQPartitionSplitter
2007-12-03 dmacvicarYQPackageSelectorPlugin
2007-12-03 dmacvicarYQUI_builtins
2007-12-03 dmacvicarYQUI_widgets
2007-12-03 dmacvicarported everything n pkg selector needed to port the...
2007-12-03 dmacvicarYQUI_x11
2007-12-03 dmacvicarRichText done
2007-12-02 dmacvicarYQSelectionBox
2007-12-02 dmacvicarYQSlider
2007-12-02 dmacvicarYQRadioButton done
2007-12-02 dmacvicarremove so grep does not find it
2007-12-02 dmacvicarcompiles, YQMultiSelectionBoxItem looks like it should...
2007-12-02 dmacvicarYQMultiSelectionBoxItem compiles
2007-12-02 dmacvicarone signal left and qmultiselectionbox compiles
2007-12-02 coolothe pkg compiles too
2007-12-02 coolomerge Huha's ydialog changes
2007-11-30 cooloremove automake support now that the spec file should be
2007-11-30 coolo#ifdefed out everything not compiling so it can be...
2007-11-30 coolocompile some more
2007-11-30 dmacvicarmore porting
2007-11-30 dmacvicarMiltiline edit
2007-11-30 dmacvicar- Various classes
2007-11-30 dmacvicarYQComboBox
2007-11-30 dmacvicarQCheckBox ported partially
2007-11-30 dmacvicarported YQApplication and utf8
2007-11-30 dmacvicarPorted YQAlignment
2007-11-30 dmacvicarPorted QY2Settings
2007-11-30 dmacvicarthe ui compiles
2007-11-30 dmacvicar- ported listview and friends. Still does not build
2007-11-30 coolofollow the widget state - for reference: you don't
2007-11-29 cooloI don't want it to recompile on every header change
2007-11-29 coolothis wasn't meant to go into svn
2007-11-28 dmacvicarmake the spec file look like a spec file, not tested
2007-11-28 dmacvicarremove this, we are doing it manually with a define
2007-11-28 cooloonce is enough
2007-11-28 coolomake it compile after the merge
2007-11-28 coolomerging mod-ui changes from trunk
2007-11-27 coolocleaning up ignores
2007-11-27 coolomerged trunk
2007-11-27 coolounhide some virtual overloads - fixing Huha's only...
2007-11-27 coolopassing the prefix should be enough
2007-11-27 dmacvicar- compile package selector
2007-11-27 dmacvicar- load the right package selector
2007-11-26 dmacvicar- require devtools cmake files instead of duplicating...
2007-11-26 dmacvicar- cmake support
2007-11-26 coolouse the right path
2007-11-26 coolodon't loop too much, just takes CPU
2007-11-26 visnovqtf -> qt4
2007-11-26 visnovmake it work, baby
2007-11-26 visnovqt4 -> qtf (qt four)
2007-11-26 cooloit officially does not work this way
2007-11-26 coolopicking up branches/tmp/sh/qt4-port/, merging it with...
2007-11-26 coolorestart qt4 porting