clicking packages work! so the package selector is now
[duncan/yast2-qt4.git] / src /
2007-12-15 dmacvicarclicking packages work! so the package selector is now master
2007-12-14 coolofix painting
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- installation summary looks nice
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- Don't crash on warnings (where is that NDEBUG defined?)
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- start fixing repository list and versions view
2007-12-14 dmacvicarfix search widget layout
2007-12-14 dmacvicar- Don't create layouts with parent. Qt 4.x automaticall...
2007-12-12 sh-sh-shmoved default button handling to base class
2007-12-12 coolorenamed the component back to qt
2007-12-12 cooloI wish it had helped :)
2007-12-12 coolohah! you only need to threaten yast with enough debug...
2007-12-12 cooloone theory what it can be
2007-12-12 coolo_much_ nicer without this frame
2007-12-12 cooloonly be fatal on warnings for debug builds
2007-12-12 cooloa couple of compile warnings removed
2007-12-11 cooloalso work if there are two wizards layered over each...
2007-12-11 coolochange the default to style for the moment
2007-12-11 cooloalso delete the widgets
2007-12-11 coolomake it C++
2007-12-11 coolonow I actually read the docu :)
2007-12-11 cooloone less warning
2007-12-11 coolodon't add layouts twice
2007-12-11 coolofix gcc warnings
2007-12-11 cooloseveral bug fixes to speed up the startup
2007-12-11 coolomake PollInput work
2007-12-11 coolouncomment debug
2007-12-11 coolodon't create QObjects in ycp thread - make timeouts...
2007-12-10 coolofix margins
2007-12-10 coolothe selectionbox acts on single click
2007-12-10 coolomerge in the last changes
2007-12-10 cooloavoid endless loop
2007-12-10 dmacvicarvarious fixes
2007-12-10 coolomerge latest qt3 commits
2007-12-09 dmacvicarfix signal
2007-12-09 dmacvicarmisc compile
2007-12-09 coolofix porting error
2007-12-09 cooloavoid crash on exit - that is also reproducible in qt3
2007-12-09 cooloone warning less
2007-12-09 coolofix signals and slots
2007-12-09 coolofix signal names
2007-12-09 coolofix signal
2007-12-09 coolofix porting error
2007-12-09 coolomaking DefaultSizeDialogs.ycp work - with transparent
2007-12-09 cooloremove some more Q3 stuff
2007-12-09 coolothe dialog looks weired with correctly ported Qt3 code,
2007-12-09 coolofix decorating palette
2007-12-09 cooloreworked the hack to be more generic and less specific
2007-12-09 coologive checkboxframe examples some love. The 3rd example
2007-12-08 coolorestore compat to qt3 assuming yast layouts rely on it
2007-12-08 dmacvicarbye
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPackageSelector QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPatternSelector QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgChangesDialog QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgChangesDialog QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgConflictList QT3_SUPPORT, still a FIXME there
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgSearchFilterView QT3_SUPPORT, damn this one was...
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgDescriptionDialog QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgDescriptionView QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgDiskUsageList QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgPatchList QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-08 dmacvicarYQPkgPatternList QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 coolothe help panel should be gone now
2007-12-07 cooloremove some FIXMEs
2007-12-07 coololet's use undo
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgRepoList QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQSimplePatchSelector QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarpackage selector semi working!
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgList, the uggly, no QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgObjList QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgConflictDialog
2007-12-07 cooloremove one FIXME
2007-12-07 coolofix the ratio between disk usage and package list
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgDiskUsageWarningDialog QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarvarious compilation
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgPatchFilterView QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgTechnicalDetailsView QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgSelDescriptionView QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgProductDialog QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgVersionsView , remove QT3_SUPPORT
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgTextDialog
2007-12-07 cooloimpress Duncan
2007-12-07 coolofix warnings
2007-12-07 coolomake the layout half way working at least
2007-12-07 dmacvicarYQPkgVersionsView
2007-12-07 cooloinit _noborder
2007-12-07 coolorestoring the green - do not set the style by default...
2007-12-07 coolothe wizard is now fullscreen
2007-12-06 coolofix docking
2007-12-06 dmacvicarmake it work for now
2007-12-06 dmacvicarport to qt4
2007-12-06 dmacvicarmore porting and make files use qt3support one by one
2007-12-05 cooloDuncan, for you
2007-12-05 coolodrawContent is no more
2007-12-05 cooloQt3 support is gone for the base UI
2007-12-05 cooloQt3support--
2007-12-05 cooloqt3support--
2007-12-05 coolowhat an ugly class - is that really used in yast? I...
2007-12-05 cooloI didn't get why RadioButton is a group, so I got rid...
2007-12-04 dmacvicarnow it starts to look like a package selector, QY2Combo...
2007-12-04 dmacvicar- trying to get disk usage to paint something, no suces...