the wizard is now fullscreen
[duncan/yast2-qt4.git] / src /
2007-12-07 coolothe wizard is now fullscreen
2007-12-06 dmacvicarmake it work for now
2007-12-04 coolodisabling the style for now as the theming causes terrible
2007-12-04 coologet rid of the last pngs to load
2007-12-04 coolomoving classes where they are used
2007-12-03 coolofix layout
2007-12-03 coologetting rid of QT3_SUPPORT here too (added FIXMEs)
2007-12-03 coolomerge in changes from wizard-rework. Still work in...
2007-12-03 coolomerging in the first half of the branch - not compiling
2007-11-30 coolocompile some more
2007-11-30 dmacvicar- Various classes
2007-11-30 dmacvicarthe ui compiles
2007-11-30 dmacvicar- ported listview and friends. Still does not build
2007-11-28 coolomake it compile after the merge
2007-11-28 coolomerging mod-ui changes from trunk
2007-11-26 coolopicking up branches/tmp/sh/qt4-port/, merging it with...
2007-11-26 coolorestart qt4 porting