2008-11-27 div0changes
2008-11-27 div0mapinfo: don't write a "cdtrack" if the map has music...
2008-11-27 div0oops, bug in specop.zym.sounds
2008-11-27 div0Tenshihan v4.2.0; SPecop is female again
2008-11-27 div0bsp tool
2008-11-27 div0fix offset handling
2008-11-27 div0we have space for thicker walls
2008-11-27 div0add the ACBC Assault Circuit Board Creator
2008-11-27 div0breakable: add support for causing damage, and playing...
2008-11-26 div0sorry, this way is better
2008-11-26 div0more debug (will remove it later)
2008-11-26 div0players still in the wrong order? add a debug print
2008-11-26 div0fix obvious bug in race player soritng. hopefully this...
2008-11-26 div0assault changes to entities.def
2008-11-26 div0more assault fixes (timelimit)
2008-11-26 div0weapon stay mutator
2008-11-26 div0vid_pixelheight now is a float
2008-11-26 div0assault
2008-11-26 div0allow 32 concurrent radar pings
2008-11-26 div0alternate way to project waypoint sprites that are...
2008-11-26 div0assault: (untested) make breakables show a radar wave...
2008-11-26 div0assault: fix lots of bugs, initial waypointsprites...
2008-11-26 div0assault sprites
2008-11-25 div0fix bug in func_breakable, that breaks assault
2008-11-25 div0comments in cl_physics.qc
2008-11-25 esteeladd hook sounds to build-compatpack, the hook bomb...
2008-11-25 esteelfor now rather use g_start_delay 15 instead of g_warmup...
2008-11-25 div0 // whatever happens, allow 60 seconds of idling...
2008-11-25 div0enable a tiny amount of air friction (sorry, FruitieX)
2008-11-25 div0fix air friction
2008-11-25 div0align the car better to the surface
2008-11-25 div0hopefully fix campcheck
2008-11-24 m0rfarPortal model source.
2008-11-23 div0disable planar jump when touchexplode
2008-11-23 div0yet another fix attempt for touchexplode
2008-11-23 div0touchexplode: fix for noclip
2008-11-23 div0new mutator: g_touchexplode (spawn explosion where...
2008-11-23 div0g_bugrigs_planar_movement_car_jumping - a new bug is...
2008-11-23 div0hopefully no change to race car physics, but now parame...
2008-11-23 esteeladded hlac and seeker textures to build-compat-pack.sh
2008-11-22 div0g_bugrigs another speedhack fix
2008-11-22 div0prevent too high accel/turn rates
2008-11-22 div0fix timelimit -1 again
2008-11-22 div0ctfscoring-div0: move one penalty point from return...
2008-11-22 div0portals in the compat pack
2008-11-22 div0race-qualifying -> race better
2008-11-22 div0explicitly precache the forced model
2008-11-22 div0less buggy :P
2008-11-22 div0new toys: g_bugrigs 2 for a more realistic mode (no...
2008-11-21 m0rfarNew portal models by ai!
2008-11-21 div0more bug rigs improvements
2008-11-21 div0rename cvar from g_bigrigs to g_bugrigs ;)
2008-11-21 div0improve big rigs mode
2008-11-21 div0force chase cam in "big rigs" mode
2008-11-21 esteeladded ONS, AS and RACE to basics documentation
2008-11-21 div0stronger alignment
2008-11-20 esteeladded grappling hook, port-o-launch, minstanex, hlac...
2008-11-20 div0hidden cvar: car-like physics mode; misc_gamemodel...
2008-11-19 div0fix impulse 99 not giving unlimited portals
2008-11-19 div0make the div0 scoring conform to the poll
2008-11-19 savagexPromote morfar to project (co-)maintainership.
2008-11-19 div0make weaponarena laser a checkbox (dirty hack)
2008-11-19 div0MirceaKitsune's next changes
2008-11-19 div0mask spectatee effects with EFMASK_CHEAP; add a loddebu...
2008-11-18 esteelwonder if those make phonies help anyone?!?
2008-11-18 div0Contributed trigger_heal patch.
2008-11-16 div0possibly fix hurttrigger message2, someone try it
2008-11-16 div0fix TDM
2008-11-16 div0fix align
2008-11-15 div0fix memory leak in demo list
2008-11-14 esteelexperimental support for q3's music field in the worlds...
2008-11-14 esteelexperimental support for q3's music field in the worldspawn
2008-11-13 esteelfix stupid mistake and swap play/timedemo buttons
2008-11-13 esteelexperimental timedemo button for the demos menu
2008-11-12 esteelsmall change to g_warmup and readynagger calling
2008-11-12 esteeladded info button to the join menu, removed some traili...
2008-11-12 div0fix the default skin writing
2008-11-12 esteelgnah, forgot to remove the // DOUBLE CLICK comment :P
2008-11-12 esteeltoggle favorites is now on mouse3 and INS
2008-11-12 div0alpha=1 here was a bad idea
2008-11-12 div0improved server info dialog
2008-11-12 esteelRonans server info dialog
2008-11-12 div0oops, accidentally committed
2008-11-12 div0detect screen size using new DP feature
2008-11-10 div0possibly allow untested welcome message disabling again
2008-11-10 div0more properties for voice script
2008-11-10 div0target2 handling improved
2008-11-10 div0trgger_multiple: support target, target2, target3,...
2008-11-10 div0handicap
2008-11-10 div0ctf: block capture records when having >1 player on...
2008-11-10 div0prevent QC crash when a flag carrier had no flag carrie...
2008-11-10 div0fix precache
2008-11-10 div0more menu updates
2008-11-09 div0remove debug print :P
2008-11-09 div0I committed this too, I thought...
2008-11-09 div0applied most of MirceaKitsune's menu changes
2008-11-09 div0menu_use_default_hostname, sethostname command to overr...
2008-11-09 div0make it not depend on an uncommitted fix to fteqcc...
2008-11-09 div0push low gravity up a little
2008-11-09 div0new weapon arena menu controls, enjoy! Original code...