2009-09-26 samualMake motionblur tooltip less confusing.
2009-09-26 samualbalanceSamual.cfg: Rebalance: Crylink/Uzi are a bit...
2009-09-26 fruitiexalso draw the electro blob dynlight after it comes...
2009-09-26 samualMy balance file (revision 2) - I'm committing this...
2009-09-26 mand1ngaRemoved support for multi goal routes. Extra overhead...
2009-09-25 mand1ngas/print/dprint/g + update headers
2009-09-25 div0fix warning
2009-09-25 div0font fix for accuracy stats screen
2009-09-25 div0eggandbacon: get rid of seeker/fireball for now
2009-09-25 div0fix impulse 107 message
2009-09-25 div0more WP file fixes
2009-09-25 div0fix warning
2009-09-25 div0snaaaaake
2009-09-25 div0better output for WPs in solid
2009-09-25 div0when checking spawns for WPs, trace down to floor first
2009-09-25 div0fix waypoint-in-solid correction
2009-09-25 div0waypoint fixes
2009-09-25 div0more impulse 107 goodness: verifying WPs near spawns
2009-09-25 div0remove a broken entity on eggandbacon
2009-09-25 div0even more details in WP debugging
2009-09-25 div0more detail for unreachable waypoints
2009-09-25 div0merge impulse 107 and 108 into one
2009-09-25 div0new waypoint debugging: impulse 108 marks all WPs that...
2009-09-25 div0fix yet another retarded bot bug that prevents them...
2009-09-25 div0some bot fixes :(
2009-09-25 div0tuba.cfg
2009-09-24 div0more rcon2irc fun
2009-09-24 div0fix falloff function
2009-09-24 div0forcehalflife for the nex too
2009-09-24 div0distance-based nex damage falloff option (not used...
2009-09-24 div0change weapons*.cfg to balance*.cfg, allow "exec defaul...
2009-09-23 div0fix bug with guiding accelerated rockets
2009-09-23 div0faster guiding (ugly)
2009-09-23 div0anti-triggerbot using DP console output :P
2009-09-23 div0fireball: shift damage focus from long-range damage...
2009-09-23 div0unbreak v_flipped again
2009-09-23 div0electro: add a cvar to bring back three-shot electro
2009-09-23 div0fix camping rifle ammo (why was it that high), and...
2009-09-23 div0turn off nex whoosh for spectators who spectate the...
2009-09-23 div0now that antilag works, shrink the headshot bbox a...
2009-09-23 div0looks like mortar is too strong...
2009-09-23 div0better visuals for the rifle
2009-09-23 div0camping rifle: in havoc balance, remove reload, instead...
2009-09-23 div0make uzi faster again
2009-09-23 div0turn off ballistics for the mg and sg
2009-09-22 div0new cvar: g_ghost_items (1 by default, can be set to...
2009-09-22 div0more alpha again
2009-09-22 div0better ghosting of weaponstay-3 weapons
2009-09-22 tzorkeWheel now use .framegroups to save network traffic.
2009-09-21 div0also less per-throw fuel
2009-09-21 div0make hook take less fuel while hooked
2009-09-21 div0fix think function call for electro
2009-09-21 div0recommend (commented out) my ban sync provider URI...
2009-09-21 div0fix one more place wiht color code
2009-09-21 div0fix for weird IRC clients
2009-09-21 samualAdd vcproject files to Nexuiz qcsrc - todo: add compile...
2009-09-21 div0mand1nga really shouldn't do a revert-fight against...
2009-09-21 div0improve RL
2009-09-20 mand1ngaMajor reorganization of bots code (not finished yet)
2009-09-20 div0make headshots work on turrets
2009-09-20 div0friction is 4, not 5
2009-09-20 div0only autorespawn in cts or qualifying
2009-09-20 div0allow breaking out of respawn loops :P
2009-09-20 div0improve impulse 30/141 for cts
2009-09-20 div0race: do not fully verify CTS maps
2009-09-20 div0save/restore v_forward when calling weapon think functi...
2009-09-20 mand1ngaFixed waypoints
2009-09-20 mand1ngaAirshot announcer for rocket launcher
2009-09-20 mand1ngaRevert revert of lag simulation refactoring
2009-09-20 mand1ngaFix warning
2009-09-20 mand1ngaFix timelimit on racetrack
2009-09-19 div0checksums...
2009-09-19 div0also commit the CODE :P
2009-09-19 div0impulse trigger multiplier cvars
2009-09-18 fruitiexclean up
2009-09-18 div0change drawfont back afzer setting the big font
2009-09-18 div0as it's 1 in the engine now, not needed to do this...
2009-09-18 div0add a host_sleep checkbox (default 1)
2009-09-18 div0enable doublejump for Q2 physics
2009-09-18 div0support sv_gameplayfix_q2airaccelerate
2009-09-18 div0make physicsQ actually match Quake 1 (physics code...
2009-09-17 div0quake physics update
2009-09-17 div0new weapon-stay mode 3: make taken weapons ghosted...
2009-09-16 tzorkMake multiple turrets a bit less of a cpuhog by spreadi...
2009-09-16 fruitiexoops, g_shootfromcenter IS better after all, sorry...
2009-09-16 fruitiexargh, g_balance_rocketlauncher_speed alone did not...
2009-09-16 fruitiexg_shootfromcenter 0 works better with the current settings
2009-09-16 div0fix stupid bug there ;)
2009-09-16 div0check unreadhable command
2009-09-16 div0impulse 107: mark unreachable waypoints
2009-09-16 div0don't push the same WP twice to the route
2009-09-16 lordhavocrevert array-based goalstack/lag/wplink changes by...
2009-09-16 fruitiexCTF status change ping
2009-09-16 div0fix species loading
2009-09-15 div0slightly better electro trail
2009-09-15 fruitiexshowspeed menu item replaced by cl_showspeed, cl_showac...
2009-09-15 fruitiexrcon2irc plugins by merlijn
2009-09-15 div0Nexuiz physics did not change from 1.1 to 1.5. So physi...
2009-09-15 div0give electro secondary a trail like in Nexuiz 1.0 :P
2009-09-15 div0Nexuiz 1.0 player physics config