2009-10-14 samualShow a slight mix (0.5) of the team color in the table...
2009-10-14 samualMake highlighted rows better by using sbar_color_bg_...
2009-10-13 fruitiexNADZ vote exploit fix
2009-10-13 fruitiexspeed awards for CTS!
2009-10-13 fruitiexsmooth crosshair effects by Taoki
2009-10-13 fruitiexadd more information to the record bprints (eg. previou...
2009-10-13 fruitiexmore cleanups and bugfixes to the race hud code
2009-10-13 div0fix menu resolution slider for older fteqcc
2009-10-12 samualUse gender-neutral kill/suicide messages
2009-10-12 fruitiexgrenadelauncher tweaks, damage was way too high. balanc...
2009-10-12 fruitiexyet more balanceNexrun.cfg changes
2009-10-12 fruitiexpatch by merlijn: add eventlog message when g_start_del...
2009-10-12 samualFix typo in typefrag message
2009-10-12 samualCleanup cvar checks in sbar.qc under sbar_drawscoreboar...
2009-10-12 samualbalanceSamual.cfg: Rebalance: Change a few small things #4
2009-10-11 div0race: STRICTTRIGGER spawnflag: still forward trigger...
2009-10-11 div0do not show personal records in the actual race
2009-10-11 div0support longer settemp lists
2009-10-11 div0better settemp #include and comment support for mapinfo
2009-10-11 fruitiexcvar hashes...
2009-10-11 fruitiexmore balanceNexrun changes
2009-10-11 div0cvar checksums
2009-10-11 div0make a cvar control the model sanity fix
2009-10-11 div0show aiming direction on player models using a REALLY...
2009-10-11 div0rescan_pendign cvar (to schedule a fs_rescan later)
2009-10-11 fruitiexfix a stupid bug
2009-10-11 fruitiexshow server record on the hud (race/cts)
2009-10-11 fruitiexctf icon-style ping when a new personal record is set
2009-10-10 samualFix scoreboard for those who have an earlier version...
2009-10-10 fruitiexfix overlapping personal records timer, remove useless...
2009-10-10 fruitiexclientside personal records system for race/cts
2009-10-09 samualTypo
2009-10-09 samualChange typefrag fragmessage to be on by default + small...
2009-10-09 fruitiexadd missing cvars
2009-10-09 fruitiexnexrun balance changes
2009-10-09 samualNew frag message information system which allows extra...
2009-10-09 fruitiexcvar hashes *sigh*
2009-10-09 fruitiexcvar fade out/in speeds of scoreboard
2009-10-09 fruitiexfading scoreboard (warning: experimental! please test)
2009-10-09 div0cvar checksums for nexrun balance
2009-10-08 div0cvar checksums
2009-10-08 div0enable shadowmapping by default (note: this only has...
2009-10-08 samualsbar_scoreboard_alpha_name 0.7 was WAY too dark, 0...
2009-10-08 samualMy own physics config, hopefully it'll be nice.
2009-10-08 samualsbar_scoreboard_ improvements. Adds several cvars to...
2009-10-07 fruitiexweaponsNexrun* => balanceNexrun.cfg, with some tweaks...
2009-10-07 div0minstanex laser: properly notify the laser code that...
2009-10-06 fruitiexfix a slider not fitting into the dialog, discovered...
2009-10-06 fruitiexA "nerfed" Nexrun physics set for q3a map compatibility...
2009-10-06 fruitiexcvar hashes
2009-10-06 samualFix #557: Use seta for joystick cvars so they're saved...
2009-10-05 lordhavocchanged havoc to use cl_nolerp 1 and cl_netfps 125
2009-10-05 div0fix last commit :P
2009-10-05 div0fix stupid link :P
2009-10-04 div0fix typo in makebuilf.sh causing a REALLY bogus hotfix
2009-10-04 div0aneurysm recompile (better grid)
2009-10-04 tzorkFix some texture mismatches.
2009-10-04 div0fix (i.e. reintroduce) waypointsprite alpha
2009-10-04 div0bring back rifle bullet glow if antilag bulets are off
2009-10-04 div0cl_noantilag
2009-10-04 div0less visible rifle trail
2009-10-04 div0fix tiny bug regarding conwidth/height updating
2009-10-04 div0make these cvars setas
2009-10-04 div0menu_vid_scale: add a slider to control size of HUD...
2009-10-04 samualMake electro_muzzleflash be blue instead of yellow...
2009-10-04 samualbalanceSamual.cfg: Rebalance: Change a few small things...
2009-10-03 div0unmark fireball for LMS
2009-10-03 div0makebuild fix
2009-10-03 mand1ngaLowered the priority of fireball in bot weapon preferen...
2009-10-03 samualbalanceSamual.cfg: Rebalance: Change a few small things #2
2009-10-03 div0upload versioned builds to another dir
2009-10-03 div0cleanup builds first
2009-10-03 div0auto upload builds to offload
2009-10-03 fruitiexcvar checksums
2009-10-03 fruitiexnew cvar for enabling/disabling the weapon icons
2009-10-03 div0slower CR refire (2.5 balance)
2009-10-03 fruitiexfade out the keyhunt icons when opening the menu
2009-10-03 div0fix the sbar change
2009-10-03 div0basementctf recompiled with structural pillars (for...
2009-10-03 div0#545
2009-10-03 div0fix #553
2009-10-03 div0balance fixes
2009-10-03 div0rcon.pl: IRC color output fixes from rcon2irc
2009-10-03 div0do not alpha out the number of the armor display
2009-10-03 div0make it compile :P
2009-10-03 div0some spawnshieldtime fixes
2009-10-03 div0block force during spawnshield time
2009-10-03 div0win32 build not using the debian chroot any more (pleas...
2009-10-03 div0remove a never-called line of code
2009-10-03 div0overtime fix
2009-10-02 div0makefile typo, and firig of eos
2009-10-02 div0enable hotfix
2009-10-02 div0build script update
2009-10-02 div0make getchallenge timeout configurable
2009-10-02 div0rcon.pl: add a mode rcon_secure=2 using the more secure...
2009-10-01 lordhavocallow firing weapons on subframes (client moves) for...
2009-10-01 div0EOL style fixes;
2009-10-01 div0fix "unreachable code" warning some people seem to get
2009-10-01 samualbalanceSamual.cfg: Rebalance: Moar fireball stuff ...
2009-10-01 samualbalanceSamual.cfg: Rebalance: Change fireball stuff