2008-08-01 div0new packet loss column ("pl")
2008-08-01 div0in "cmd maplist", leave out the maps that won't work...
2008-08-01 div0work around broken ClientConnect/ClientDisconnect
2008-08-01 div0can't use MSG_ALL here, as that may come too early...
2008-08-01 div0forgot revision bump
2008-08-01 div0make CSQC scores safer against packet loss/rearrangements
2008-07-31 div0fix ready restart; tourney confirmed working. Left...
2008-07-31 div0fix Arena mode
2008-07-31 div0add real ranks for LMS (with st, nd, rd, th)
2008-07-31 div0fix domination - and what's broken with LMS?
2008-07-30 div0warning fix
2008-07-30 div0oops ;)
2008-07-30 div0fix brightspot tool, support it in autoshader
2008-07-30 div0add shell script running brightspot... and it indeed...
2008-07-30 div0start of a bright spot finder for skyboxes
2008-07-30 div0script to automatically create shaders for textures...
2008-07-29 div0patchset fixed for current svn
2008-07-29 div0don't need the old-q3map2 patches any more
2008-07-29 div0oops, typo
2008-07-29 div0new scores log format support^
2008-07-29 div0flag spectators in the scores log
2008-07-29 div0oops^2, now the doc matches the code
2008-07-29 div0oops ;)
2008-07-29 div0add scores output
2008-07-29 div0make ymin match for voting and scoreboard (20 in both...
2008-07-29 div0fix "-1 seconds left"
2008-07-29 div0fix map vote time sync issues... ARGH
2008-07-29 div0add cvar cl_readpicture_force
2008-07-29 div0jpeg: use 3k, not 1k (usually the DP code then will...
2008-07-29 div0larger images!!! ;)
2008-07-28 blub0move abstain vote to the center and fix size calc for...
2008-07-28 blub0mapvoting try 2 :P
2008-07-28 blub0removed a debug print, and some out-dated commented...
2008-07-28 div0Domination: extra column for dom takes
2008-07-28 div0add score rules for domination (maybe add more stuff...
2008-07-28 div0factor out scores rules
2008-07-28 div0csqc archive now does branch too
2008-07-28 div0makefile only exists since -r3789
2008-07-28 div0fix...
2008-07-28 div0csqc version archive
2008-07-28 div0oops... return
2008-07-28 div0add crc16 code
2008-07-28 div0also show caps as team score even in score-only mode
2008-07-28 div0fix one-line bug for CTF scoreboard :P
2008-07-27 div0argh... ;)
2008-07-27 div0again team+1/color/suckage
2008-07-27 div0winning condition:equality shall NOT hold for 0:0 ...
2008-07-27 div0fix crash when ClientDisconnect happened without Client...
2008-07-27 div0damn... now THIS layout is right
2008-07-27 div0better default layout for KH
2008-07-27 div0add missing "myteam" var
2008-07-27 div0fix a crash :P
2008-07-27 div0make mapvoting always use the big font (nonblurry)
2008-07-27 div0add sbar_bigfont; use that for headlines
2008-07-27 div0oops... user1 was already taken
2008-07-27 div0use vera-sans-big as user1 font
2008-07-27 div0fix some bugs :P
2008-07-27 div0add a big variant of the font; fix minor issues in...
2008-07-27 div0add ttf2conchars (very hard to use)
2008-07-26 div0how much breaks if we enable the "logicops" flag (makes...
2008-07-26 div0color fix
2008-07-26 div0fix fraglimit from mapinfo for CTF
2008-07-26 div0fteqcc sucks error #42
2008-07-26 div0add RestoreGame() hook to fix loaded games (they no...
2008-07-26 div0fix two bugs
2008-07-26 div0reliably send the mapvote data
2008-07-26 div0allow hiding the LMS rank column (as the players are...
2008-07-26 div0remove crosshair when not needed; show map name, time...
2008-07-26 div0remove timelimit/fraglimit from the MOTD (it's a stat...
2008-07-26 div0fix the CTF win modes; get rid of capturelimit cvar
2008-07-26 div0automatically fix missing "name", "separator", primary...
2008-07-26 div0add team scores display; csqc .team is NOT svqc .team...
2008-07-26 div0CTF!
2008-07-26 div0oops
2008-07-26 div0LMS works!
2008-07-26 div0LMS works now as game mode, but somehow sorting is...
2008-07-26 div0warning fix only
2008-07-26 div0finally fix all compile warnings here
2008-07-26 div0vectors in QC are 3D. 'a b' makes a warning.
2008-07-25 m0rfarctf on silvercity? no thanks.
2008-07-25 m0rfarRemove ctf support for starship. It's not symmetric.
2008-07-25 div0oops... ;)
2008-07-25 div0possibly a LMS fix, possibly major screwage
2008-07-25 div0either a total screwup, or LMS support
2008-07-25 div0add this note file; remove it once done
2008-07-25 div0add generic scores for all other game modes (hope it...
2008-07-25 div0switch to the "scores" winning condition where possible
2008-07-25 div0make the score adding functions return the new score...
2008-07-25 div0count deaths right
2008-07-25 div0add much more stuff. REALLY need to initialize the...
2008-07-25 div0allow specifying sbar fields as +ctf,kh/score -ctf...
2008-07-25 div0fix scores fields parsing
2008-07-25 div0some scores updates; route even more through them;...
2008-07-24 blub0CSQC part for the new score system (not really finished...
2008-07-24 div0fix sort orders for KH
2008-07-24 div0add TODOs
2008-07-24 div0make PlayerTeamScore_Add harmless in non-teamplay ...
2008-07-24 div0simplified a little bit
2008-07-24 div0-DCSQCSCORES for keyhunt
2008-07-24 div0keyhunt sends scores