2009-06-05 div0html output
2009-06-05 div0new cheat, "make"
2009-06-05 mand1ngaUpdated waypoints for runningmanctf
2009-06-05 mand1ngaMajor rewrite of the CTF ai
2009-06-05 mand1ngaFixed bug on the path finding to dropped ctf flags
2009-06-04 div0refactor only
2009-06-04 div0target_items: properly handle fuel regen/rot when chang...
2009-06-04 mand1ngaAdjusted glow trail colors
2009-06-03 div0fix antilag bug with point blank shots going through...
2009-06-03 div0handle direct conn better
2009-06-03 div0handle porto better
2009-06-03 div0weapon profiler
2009-06-03 mrbougofix silly bug causing 100% cpu by file reading
2009-06-03 div0update comments
2009-06-03 div0in response to latest weapon stats
2009-06-03 div0more projectile health cvars
2009-06-02 mand1ngaUpdated menu background to 2.5.2
2009-06-02 m0rfarfixed two small z-fighting surfaces on soylent
2009-06-02 div0HLAC: work around HLAC accuracy hack by blocking the...
2009-06-02 tzorkwops. that file should not be there yet =)
2009-06-02 tzorkcl_gibs_maxcount and cl_casings_maxcount
2009-06-02 div0fix a file handle leak in per-model gibs
2009-06-01 div0fix missing armor1
2009-06-01 div0tooltip skin fixes
2009-06-01 div0add tooltip.tga files
2009-06-01 div0compat pack: add the newly added sounds
2009-06-01 div0strength, shield respawns
2009-06-01 div0unavailable soudn
2009-06-01 div0tenshihan 6.1
2009-06-01 div0fix CP rotation
2009-06-01 div0wickedz tooltip image
2009-06-01 div0rcon2irc enhancements by merlijn
2009-05-31 mand1ngaBetter sighting of enemies
2009-05-31 div0new cvars: g_weaponspeedfactor, g_weapondamagefactor...
2009-05-31 mand1ngaImproved rating of items
2009-05-31 mand1ngaReverted change commited accidentaly
2009-05-31 mand1ngaAdded teamcount() function, will be used to improve...
2009-05-31 div0when teleporting, prevent unsticking by oldorigin restoring
2009-05-31 div0fix a tooltip related warning message spam
2009-05-31 div0overridable tooltips (see tooltips.db)
2009-05-31 mrbougoPrevious commit also tweaked colors for robot blood...
2009-05-31 mrbougoyes it does
2009-05-31 greenmarinedocumented a couple of cvars, removed the g_shocknex...
2009-05-31 div0less leaks for everyone
2009-05-31 div0simplify waypointsprites code, assuming cs_*project...
2009-05-31 div0fix campaign welcome msg really
2009-05-31 div0cleanup
2009-05-31 div0only show tooltips for not engine owned cvars
2009-05-31 div0fix maxplayers handlignj of menu
2009-05-31 div0automatic tooltips from cvar descriptions
2009-05-31 div0tooltip support for the menu (only the credits dialog...
2009-05-30 mand1ngaNew waypoints for bloodprisonctf
2009-05-30 div0make seeker missile twice its normal collision box...
2009-05-30 mand1ngaMake bots find their ctf base
2009-05-30 div0use new engine builtin isdemo()
2009-05-30 div0now REALLY prevent revenge from the grave
2009-05-30 mand1ngaUpdated item_pickup effect by -z-
2009-05-30 m0rfarmerge entities.def
2009-05-30 div0scale down textures again :(
2009-05-30 div0add missing texs
2009-05-30 div0compat pack builder
2009-05-30 div0bring back old GL edge damage
2009-05-30 div0RL damage: 120 to 100
2009-05-30 div0rocket guide rate is 90 again, 90 was best
2009-05-30 div0rocket guiding: no revenge from the grave
2009-05-30 div0weaker rocket guidance, 120 deg/sec is really too much...
2009-05-30 mrbougoitems that aren't picked up should not spawn particles...
2009-05-30 div0fix mixed dos/unix linefeeds before I do actual changes...
2009-05-30 mand1ngaMinor cleanup
2009-05-30 mand1ngaCTF flag glow trails imported from Spidflisk by -z-
2009-05-30 mand1ngaFix warning
2009-05-29 mrbougoweapon cvars checksum updated
2009-05-29 mrbougoMore tweaks to the blood color, simulate te_bloodshower...
2009-05-29 div0missing in last patch
2009-05-29 div0adv server settings
2009-05-29 div0#101
2009-05-29 div0bgmscript: < means angular movement
2009-05-29 div0prevent guiding for the first 0.15s after firing rocket...
2009-05-29 div0nex damage down to 110, so 150 + megahealth gives you...
2009-05-29 div0As per lordhavoc's suggestion, all rockets are guided...
2009-05-29 div0fix grenade launcher through floor
2009-05-29 mand1ngaMinor fix
2009-05-29 mand1ngaNew cvar checksum
2009-05-29 mand1ngaNew file based configuration for bots by Taoki
2009-05-28 div0item pickup effect
2009-05-28 div0fix cl_cmd help
2009-05-27 div0- move RandomSelection to misc/
2009-05-27 div0keep shot origins outside walls (maybe fixes a bug...
2009-05-26 greenmarinefixed bug in the score-area of the HUD (showing your...
2009-05-26 mrbougomake human blood brighter, fix typo. one problem left...
2009-05-26 mrbougonew gib types: alien and robot_shiny, and blood types...
2009-05-26 mrbougomake the door entities stop their movement on reset
2009-05-26 mrbougoreset trigger_multiple correctly: don't assume they...
2009-05-25 div0nexuiz-map-compiler: add option -order vis,light,minimap
2009-05-25 div0same rcon change
2009-05-25 div0srcon: compatible protocol change
2009-05-24 div0fix some more bad stuff in new onslaught code
2009-05-24 div0fix major breakage in onslaught code (e.g. map reset...
2009-05-24 div0include game_starttime in respawn time calc
2009-05-24 div0replace all TGAs here by TGAs written by ppmtotga ...