2009-08-06 div0move the xcf here
2009-08-06 div0nr_piece-o-cake
2009-08-06 div0makebuild.sh: reenable PPC macs for now; minor fixes
2009-08-06 div0typo fix
2009-08-06 div0lots of svn:eol-style native
2009-08-06 div0tooltip update
2009-08-06 div0the tutorial...
2009-08-06 div0mediasource for tutorial; map compiler script update
2009-08-05 div0enable vid_resizable by default, I think nobody will...
2009-08-05 div0show only available resolutions
2009-08-05 div0latch vid_con* cvars
2009-08-05 div0make most aspect ratios 600-based
2009-08-05 div0properly write the race ents again
2009-08-05 div0fix output to annoy mappers/radiant less
2009-08-05 div0drag box editor in sv_cheats; good for quick and dirty...
2009-08-05 tzorkFL_NOTARGET for buttons and no expensive classname...
2009-08-05 div0hide "ultimate" config from menu
2009-08-05 div0effect config overview script
2009-08-04 div0sv_doublejump: match engine
2009-08-04 div0fix last fix
2009-08-04 div0slightly cleanup of last fix
2009-08-04 div0fix "white team bug"
2009-08-04 div0fix bot name selection in campaign
2009-08-04 m0rfarbrighter team hud
2009-08-04 m0rfarcp01.mapinfo typos
2009-08-04 mrbougofix nexball team counts
2009-08-04 div0tiny projectile trail fix
2009-08-04 div0experimental change: why was R_AddEntities there? we...
2009-08-04 div0turn off anisotropy at medium and normal quality levels...
2009-08-04 div0CTS and Nexball in mapinfo dialog
2009-08-04 div0add missing libpng
2009-08-04 div0here are the dylibs again
2009-08-04 div0remove all dylibs, for adding them in next commit
2009-08-04 div0add back the symlinks
2009-08-04 div0OS X dylibs - step 1
2009-08-04 div0windows dlls by blub
2009-08-04 div0menu cleanup; new effects configs by FruitieX, tooltips
2009-08-04 div0add 1920x1080
2009-08-04 div0do not honor cl_nogibs in cl_gentle (allows the menu...
2009-08-03 div0fix typo in tooltip
2009-08-03 div0comment
2009-08-03 div0set gameversion_min and gameversion_max to restrict...
2009-08-03 div0what went wrong with committing this fix? Retry committ...
2009-08-03 div0MOAR TOOLTIPZ
2009-08-03 div0use fteqcc -Werror
2009-08-03 div0fteqcc...
2009-08-03 div0minor fixes to client sbar (PLEASE TEST)
2009-08-03 div0warmupfix
2009-08-03 div0resync shader list
2009-08-03 div0oops ;)
2009-08-03 div0effects configs synced to menu again
2009-08-03 div0add wickedz background building
2009-08-03 div0background builder
2009-08-03 div0build script: use git for fteqcc
2009-08-03 div0only update the bookmark/remove button when really...
2009-08-03 div0credits update
2009-08-03 mand1ngaFix bots behavior with g_weapon_stay
2009-08-03 mand1ngaRelease bump
2009-08-01 div0nixnex: turn off items triggers
2009-08-01 mand1ngaFix compiler warning
2009-08-01 div0make portals solid in a better place
2009-08-01 div0for solid portals: shader change
2009-08-01 div0solid portals - "almost done". Remaining issue: player...
2009-08-01 div0porto code cleanup; preparation for solid portals
2009-07-31 div0fix comment formatting ;)
2009-07-31 mand1ngaPrevent players from joining after the match ended...
2009-07-30 mand1ngaBots: Detection of enemies by looking through transpare...
2009-07-30 div0next attempt: make projectiles SOLID_CORPSE so they...
2009-07-29 div0add a comment
2009-07-29 div0do not set a movetype for spectators...
2009-07-29 div0make projectiles SOLID_TRIGGER for a test
2009-07-29 div0try to fixa speccer bug
2009-07-29 div0aggressor with race now
2009-07-28 mand1ngaDon't shoot at buttons
2009-07-27 mand1ngaFixed a bug that was making bots stop executing command...
2009-07-26 div0s/animinfo/framegroups/
2009-07-26 m0rfarit's probably unnecessary to remove dismal from here...
2009-07-26 m0rfarcyberparcour01 makes a comeback as cts ;)
2009-07-26 div0trak4-mit and trak5
2009-07-26 div0ggressor retexture my FruitieX (TraK textures come...
2009-07-26 mand1ngaDisable bunnyhop when attacking with the rifle, makes...
2009-07-26 div0first, let's try lowering rocket health to 40. Now...
2009-07-25 div0restructure voice script code a little
2009-07-25 div0fix some typo
2009-07-25 div0voice script: - in front of duration means adding no...
2009-07-25 mand1ngaComplete the return of item evaluation ai to t_items.qc
2009-07-25 div0slightly better headshot box
2009-07-25 mand1ngaFix unreachable code
2009-07-25 div0add to the documentation for terencehill who obviously...
2009-07-25 div0fix bot AI item decisions
2009-07-25 mand1ngaMade bots stop fighting in vain while being dragged :P
2009-07-25 mand1ngaFixed bots getting stuck on ladders
2009-07-25 mand1ngaFixed a bug preventing the execution of the first comma...
2009-07-25 mand1ngaFix quite OBVIOUS bug preventing the execution of indiv...
2009-07-23 div0crosshair hittest: blur cvar; fix blur with RL
2009-07-23 div0fix spam
2009-07-23 div0fix typo
2009-07-23 div0crosshair_hittest_showimpact
2009-07-23 div0undo the most stupid change to RadiusDamage EVER
2009-07-23 mand1ngaDon't track accuracy stats during warmup stage