2009-03-15 motorsepSource files (blends and md5s) for h_ weapons
2009-03-15 motorsepupdate animation for certain weapons to make it more...
2009-03-15 mand1ngaFixed bug in the routing to alternative goals. Don...
2009-03-15 lordhavocadded motorsep to Thanks list
2009-03-15 motorsepthe rest of the weapons' hands
2009-03-14 motorsepPorto and RL hands
2009-03-14 motorsepNex hand
2009-03-14 motorsepgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@6165...
2009-03-14 motorsepLaser hand
2009-03-14 div0fix hook origin
2009-03-14 motorsepHookgun hand
2009-03-14 mand1ngaFixed typo in last commit
2009-03-14 motorsepHLAC hand
2009-03-14 mand1ngaSearch for nearest waypoints more progressively. This...
2009-03-14 motorsepgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@6158...
2009-03-14 div0bugfix for basement (some texture alignment, and brush...
2009-03-14 motorsepgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@6156...
2009-03-14 div0fix texture path in v_hagar
2009-03-14 motorsepGL hand updated
2009-03-14 div0display "sv_cmd gettaginfo" more accurately
2009-03-14 motorsepnew v_hagar.md3
2009-03-14 motorsepupdated GL hand
2009-03-14 motorsepGL hand
2009-03-14 motorsepElectro hand
2009-03-14 motorsepCrylink hand
2009-03-14 div0tiny cleanup for the shot origin stuff
2009-03-14 div0fix loading of the zyms
2009-03-14 lordhavocadded support for models/weapons/h_name.zym models
2009-03-14 div0more robustness for weapon animation (should fix the...
2009-03-14 div0document breakage of func_illusionary
2009-03-13 div0do the same as last commit, but don't rely on the funct...
2009-03-13 div0fight float inaccuracy in the animation system
2009-03-13 mand1ngaUpdated bots changes again
2009-03-13 mand1ngaUpdated changes in bots
2009-03-13 m0rfarNew camping rifle animations by motorsep
2009-03-13 m0rfarcampingrifle animinfo fix by motersep
2009-03-13 div0abort the vote if there was just 1 choice anyway
2009-03-13 esteelalso the radar images got changed from _mini to _radar
2009-03-13 esteeladd the new .dpm models to the compat pack in case...
2009-03-13 div0derive the shot origin automatically from the hand...
2009-03-13 lordhavocfix weapon position with qcweaponanimation off
2009-03-13 lordhavocminor edits to make code more similar to old versions
2009-03-13 lordhavocchanged idle fps to 10
2009-03-13 lordhavocmotorsep did a hand model for the camping rifle
2009-03-13 mand1ngaFixed addvote alias
2009-03-12 mand1ngaBasic ladder handling for bots
2009-03-12 mand1ngaMore bots related cvars descriptions
2009-03-12 lordhavocmake physics nearly normal
2009-03-12 lordhavocgive laser secondary a little force, but not much
2009-03-12 esteelswap laser modes in havoc, so primary is for jumping...
2009-03-12 lordhavoceject multiple shell casings from secondary fire of...
2009-03-12 lordhavoceject multiple shell casings from shotgun if ammo is...
2009-03-12 lordhavocfixed a bug that caused the campingrifle's reload anim...
2009-03-12 lordhavocforgot this file
2009-03-12 lordhavoctweaked ammo limits a bit in havoc
2009-03-12 div0better error message for cvar check
2009-03-12 lordhavocupdated Havoc config
2009-03-12 lordhavocfix two weapon bugs that were overriding player animations
2009-03-12 div0implement sv_gameplayfix_slidemoveprojectiles behaviour
2009-03-12 div0make qc-based weapon animation look better
2009-03-12 lordhavocgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@6112...
2009-03-12 lordhavocfixed muzzleflashes with sv_qcweaponanimation mode
2009-03-12 lordhavocfix bugs with camping rifle introduced by my anim changes
2009-03-12 lordhavocadded sv_qcweaponanimation cvar
2009-03-12 lordhavocadded sv_qcweaponanimation cvar which enables entirely...
2009-03-12 mand1ngaBots: Swimming support (only to get out of water)
2009-03-11 lordhavocfix compile (don't need the weapon model qh files)
2009-03-11 lordhavocadded dpm weapon support
2009-03-11 div0-allweapons
2009-03-11 esteela very simple approach at switching between havoc and...
2009-03-11 div0get rid of the v_flipped toggle
2009-03-10 div0fix a typo in movetypes.qc that can cause entities...
2009-03-10 esteelsmall typo in a cvar description
2009-03-10 div0resync the weapon cfg files
2009-03-10 esteelwhile i'm at it, also add my alias sv_restart
2009-03-10 esteellast checking works, so use gametype in server.cfg
2009-03-10 div0initialize mapinfo on startup (so the gametype command...
2009-03-09 esteelalso credit terencehill
2009-03-09 esteelcredited MrBougo, raise your hand if you want your...
2009-03-09 esteelbasics.html spellchecked by MrBougo, thanks!
2009-03-09 div0fix CR reloadtime(?)
2009-03-09 div0shootfromcenter: try to display the weapon model in...
2009-03-09 div0show "1 vote" instead of "1 votes"
2009-03-09 div0try to fix the "don't care" message spam
2009-03-09 div0fix typo in a cvar name
2009-03-08 div0demotc: support client->server packets
2009-03-08 div0fix "corona in air" bug when a strength player got...
2009-03-08 m0rfarNo one should want to have more than 100 in netfps imo
2009-03-08 div0a new "fexists" rpn command to just check if a file...
2009-03-07 div0fix mapvote "keeptwo" feature (wasn't display disappear...
2009-03-07 div0fix logic of radar showing
2009-03-07 div0provide access to time to cfg files
2009-03-07 div0fix hook shot origin
2009-03-07 div0add an extra "map _init/_init" to allow changing maxplayers
2009-03-07 div0bugfix for the per-weapon crosshairs: make them visible...
2009-03-07 div0fix typo
2009-03-06 esteeladd 'addtolist' to 'qc_cmd help'
2009-03-06 div0fix some stuff, unsupported -> extra
2009-03-06 div0netradiant?
2009-03-06 div0no, the last change was misguided. Instead, the engine...