2009-02-01 m0rfarNew CTP map. Accident by morphed.
2009-02-01 div0remove aft stuff
2009-02-01 div0cl_gibs_damageforcescale, cl_gibs_lifetime (idea by...
2009-01-31 div0fix some uses of the flags field; should fix turret...
2009-01-31 div0fix another problem of that "fix invisibilty" patch...
2009-01-31 div0fix cl_cmd commands
2009-01-31 div0update change list
2009-01-31 div0bloodloss
2009-01-31 div0terencehill's score column after a cleanup
2009-01-31 mand1ngaDemo camera refactoring
2009-01-30 div0make spawnshield automatically disable when you shoot
2009-01-29 div0fix a typo in turret code
2009-01-29 div0minor reordering of code in target selection, should...
2009-01-29 div0fix the last commit :P
2009-01-29 div0make endmatch work during overtime
2009-01-29 div0oops, I broke waypoints in my previous commit. Fixed.
2009-01-29 div0make all assignments to SendEntity go through Net_LinkE...
2009-01-28 div0tele resend after teleport
2009-01-28 div0oops, forgot to commit cvar check
2009-01-28 div0draw end trail of projectiles (should look better)
2009-01-28 div0remove all TEs that contain a permanent state.
2009-01-28 div0get rid of TE_CSQC_WARMUP
2009-01-28 div0more sound changes
2009-01-28 esteeladd a new Makefile target "pk3here" that builds the...
2009-01-28 div0try to fix invis again
2009-01-27 div0moved some long taking entity update code into global...
2009-01-27 div0fix mapvote bugs
2009-01-27 div0fix typo in mapvote ent code
2009-01-27 div0fix access to mv_maps_mask
2009-01-27 div0make mapvote a shared ent too
2009-01-27 div0try to fix the previous commit
2009-01-27 div0make TE_CSQC_INIT and TE_CSQC_SCORESINFO shared entitie...
2009-01-27 div0marked TEs to get rid of.
2009-01-26 div0fix invis
2009-01-26 div0make chat bubble attached
2009-01-26 div0sbar_increment_maptime
2009-01-26 div0new CHs
2009-01-26 div0fix laserguided missiles; remove prandom again, it...
2009-01-26 div0even more predictable prandom for now
2009-01-26 div0prandom() - an attempt to make random decisions predict...
2009-01-26 div0fix color translation
2009-01-26 div0fix color translation
2009-01-25 div0make them less "over the top"
2009-01-25 div0experimental new colorful zero-violence effects :)
2009-01-25 div0fix *particles usage msg
2009-01-25 div0compat pack: include egyptsoc textures
2009-01-24 div0shader checksum script
2009-01-24 div0fix reset_map logic
2009-01-24 div0makebuild: remove the showbrand block if desired
2009-01-24 div0add marker comments and a message how to disable the...
2009-01-24 div0fix a warning
2009-01-24 m0rfarUse less crappy menu music :)
2009-01-24 esteelenable showbrand by default to make sure to people...
2009-01-24 esteelmove the important messages a bit lower to make them...
2009-01-23 esteelswitch deluxe/gloss with offset/relief options as it...
2009-01-23 esteeladded cl_gentle, moved other stuff around a bit to...
2009-01-23 esteelups, a few tabs in wrong places
2009-01-23 esteelcountp -> counth as its called havoc now :P
2009-01-23 esteelturn lots of comments into cvar descriptions, verified...
2009-01-23 div0prevent score adding whne in intermission
2009-01-23 div0more visible damage_hit
2009-01-23 div0fix missing electro sounds and warnings
2009-01-23 esteelput the descriptions from the old cvars.txt to good use
2009-01-23 div0add missing sound precache
2009-01-23 div0add the new skin params
2009-01-23 div0fix porto bouncing
2009-01-23 div0no longer use cvars.txt, do the filtering in code now
2009-01-23 div0document the new extensions
2009-01-23 div0cvar list editor
2009-01-23 div0make random teleport dest work
2009-01-22 div0make WPs self-resetting
2009-01-22 div0more self-resetting
2009-01-22 div0make lots of stuff self-resetting
2009-01-22 div0death to g_decors.qc (it no longer does anything anyway)
2009-01-22 div0__FORCE_READY_RESTART: do not respawn players during...
2009-01-22 div0game command __FORCE_READY_RESTART to always force...
2009-01-22 div0make all plats reset themselves on ready restart (PLEAS...
2009-01-22 div0make all triggers properly self-reset; still missing...
2009-01-22 div0use less bytes; add a .void() reset to all entities...
2009-01-22 div0DP_SV_ONENTITYPREPOSTSPAWNFUNCTION - hooks before and...
2009-01-22 div0new entities: trigger_relay_teamcheck, trigger_disablerelay
2009-01-22 div0fix assault resetting of spampoints
2009-01-22 div0assault: leave non-team spawnpoints alone when switchin...
2009-01-21 m0rfarMore realistic blood color on impacts
2009-01-20 esteelthe old CSQC code is no longer needed and in case peopl...
2009-01-20 esteeloutdated, the only item in this list is already done
2009-01-19 mand1ngaNew demo camera mode for looking always to the player
2009-01-19 m0rfarBetter normalmaps for flags and portals, I think.
2009-01-19 div0casings sound fixed :P
2009-01-19 div0fix the weapons/rick1.wav sounds (instant rickroll...
2009-01-19 div0fix menu layout (make it more consistent); remove anoth...
2009-01-19 div0fix csqcchannel6volume control
2009-01-19 div0fix casings
2009-01-19 div0fix the fly sounds
2009-01-19 div0fix BAD typo here :(
2009-01-19 div0fix the other precaches
2009-01-19 div0move some weapon precache stuff to where it belongs...
2009-01-19 div0fix cl_gentle
2009-01-19 div0cl_gentle mode (test)
2009-01-18 div0missing file