2008-09-30 div0g_ctf_flagpenalty_returned for ai's scoring system
2008-09-30 div0fix voting display again
2008-09-30 div0fixed strength and dieselpower deluxemaps
2008-09-30 div0fix black grate on toxic by using current q3map2
2008-09-29 div0remove yet another redundant cvar
2008-09-29 div0remove sv_motd too
2008-09-29 div0get rid of game_reset.cfg (mapcfg legacy, unused)
2008-09-29 div0add missing quotes
2008-09-29 div0forgot this
2008-09-29 div0exclude more
2008-09-29 div0remove "teamplay" cvar, it also is internal
2008-09-29 div0fix typos
2008-09-29 div0experimental feature (sv_)cmd cvar_changes, should...
2008-09-29 div0support r_letterbox and viewsize for disabling the HUD
2008-09-29 div0fix early/late cap scoring
2008-09-29 div0add the suggested scoring modes as cfg files
2008-09-29 div0add a SND_WEAPON2 channel for anything except actual...
2008-09-29 div0implement CTF suggestion by [-z-] as comments
2008-09-28 div0fix ctf logging bug
2008-09-28 div0ctf fixes (and comments containing ^R_Alien's scoring)
2008-09-28 div0uncustomize first (not needed now, but maybe later)
2008-09-28 div0LOD for misc_models and similar entities
2008-09-28 div0score fix :P
2008-09-28 div0add voice to need help, enemy seen, flag seen
2008-09-28 div0better sbar_width default
2008-09-28 div0fix vote nagger
2008-09-28 div0sbar_width cvar
2008-09-28 div0less margin on the scoreboard
2008-09-28 div0ctf: count drops too
2008-09-27 div0fix spec speed chjanging
2008-09-27 div0some TGAs saved with ImageMagick instead of whatever...
2008-09-27 div0add "sv_cmd roughmap" writing a XPM with a rough versio...
2008-09-27 div0final scoring fix
2008-09-27 div0fix frag counting, hopefully
2008-09-27 div0fix fraglimit for win mode 3
2008-09-27 div0g_ctf_win_mode: frags do not count
2008-09-27 div0fix setreport (thanks Ronan)
2008-09-27 div0again some empty lightmaps
2008-09-27 div0jpegoptim; saves 3.5MB compressed size. As you see...
2008-09-27 div0portals fix (thanks, Master)
2008-09-27 div0fix sparks amount
2008-09-27 div0fix func_sparks
2008-09-27 div0fix sparks on stormkeep. Odd.
2008-09-27 div0remaining relit maps
2008-09-27 div0new stormkeep compile, hopefully less blocky
2008-09-27 div0soylent, strength relit
2008-09-27 div0remove favoriting by right mouse button (Mac users...
2008-09-27 esteelcvars sv_ready_restart_nag* are no longer used, remove...
2008-09-27 esteelmade the Address: a tad bigger, thanks getting inspired...
2008-09-27 esteelalso ignore csprogs.dat/lno
2008-09-27 div0slightly cleaned up favorites list. Thanks for the...
2008-09-27 div0next batch of fixed BSPs
2008-09-26 div0workaround for subdivisions
2008-09-26 div0add checks
2008-09-26 div0bounced
2008-09-26 div0slightly better display
2008-09-26 div0new vote/ready nagger display (untested, can't test...
2008-09-26 esteelFirst working version of an editable Connect/Add-to...
2008-09-26 div0commit fix for the bug in radiant I just committed...
2008-09-26 div0new runningman and ons-reborn, hopefully without the...
2008-09-26 div0possibly fixed dismal
2008-09-26 div0fix syntax error
2008-09-26 div0added command "sv_cmd effectindexdump" to list the...
2008-09-26 div0netradiant-ize this
2008-09-26 div0basement too :P
2008-09-26 div0next three maps compiled again
2008-09-26 div0committed recompiled aggressor to try it out
2008-09-26 div0fix wrong vote message
2008-09-25 div0Morphed, WHY did you delete SavageX's damage_dissolve...
2008-09-25 morphedlots of new particle fx, explosions, blood, shotgun...
2008-09-25 div0adjusted default columns layout
2008-09-24 div0fix bugs reported by MirceaKitsune
2008-09-23 div0give morphed's models proper names
2008-09-23 div0recompiled ons-reborn (now ALL are done)
2008-09-23 div0second batch of the recompile
2008-09-23 div0remove two all-black lightmaps
2008-09-23 div0make nexuiz-map-compiler use external lightmaps
2008-09-23 div0first batch of external lightmap compiles of the Nexuiz...
2008-09-23 div0undo accidental change of basement
2008-09-22 div0allow weaponreplace to entirely remove weapons too
2008-09-21 div0extra check for fog sending
2008-09-21 div0cleanups, change nothing
2008-09-21 div0add foginterval to the csqc message
2008-09-21 div0handle sv_foginterval on the client now (TESTING)
2008-09-21 div0fog
2008-09-21 div0fix fog handling a bit
2008-09-21 div0properly reset teamed items
2008-09-21 div0add a misisng portal side check
2008-09-21 div0experimental favorites feature (right click a server)
2008-09-20 div0race:
2008-09-19 div0add an engine check (for old clients on svn servers)
2008-09-19 esteelcrude way to display keybinds in the hud, currently...
2008-09-19 esteelcheck ip ban in say/teamsay too as to make banned peopl...
2008-09-19 div0fix winning condiiton..
2008-09-19 div0revert the laser chnage (complaints)...
2008-09-19 div0allow the "score" column even if disabled by CTF win...
2008-09-19 div0minor tunings: faster and weaker laser, less quad self...
2008-09-17 div0fix typo
2008-09-17 div0support race_place -1 to mark a qualifying-only finish...
2008-09-16 div0remove one wrong uri_unescape