2008-08-26 div0laser: internally allow changes to origin
2008-08-26 div0got it to work with brush ents
2008-08-26 div0workaround: traceline appears to not hit SOLID_BSP...
2008-08-26 div0fix misc_laser aiming; do not remove too small snow...
2008-08-26 div0make the lasers less thick
2008-08-26 div0undo the min/max nudge for exact triggers
2008-08-26 div0fix laser think
2008-08-26 div0allow displaying the locked door message more than...
2008-08-26 div0it was too much rain. fixed.
2008-08-26 div0misc_laser: optimization and bugfix, and documentation...
2008-08-26 m0rfarFix basementctf jumppads by using common/trigger textur...
2008-08-26 div0oops, forgot entities.def for misc_laser
2008-08-26 div0laser beam texture
2008-08-26 m0rfarNew slime2 texture.
2008-08-26 div0oops, forgot to commit
2008-08-26 div0misc_laser is now client side too (untested too)
2008-08-26 div0oops :P
2008-08-26 div0(untested) make rain and snow client side entities
2008-08-26 div0"wait" property
2008-08-26 div0func_pointparticles (untested)
2008-08-26 div0new particle property "movedir"; traces in that directi...
2008-08-26 div0pointparticles: negative "impulse" is particles per...
2008-08-26 div0particles: volume weighting = negative count, absolute...
2008-08-26 div0fix func_sparks
2008-08-26 div0CSQC handle func_sparks; more to come later (func_point...
2008-08-26 div0Q3A maps: switch crylink with hagar. Now, Plasmagun...
2008-08-25 div0improve the stupid workaround path for the hook drawing
2008-08-25 div0support fraglimit in qualifying-then-race too
2008-08-25 div0proper mmsss display for fraglimit
2008-08-25 div0major cleanup of game type loading (closes some bug...
2008-08-24 div0add green hook beam for non-teamplay
2008-08-24 div0new hook graphics
2008-08-24 div0count hook-pulling as push (for "Who pushed me?")
2008-08-24 div0new hook graphics
2008-08-24 div0use particles/hookbeam only in new engines - looks...
2008-08-24 div0use "particles/hookbeam" for the grappling hook beam...
2008-08-24 div0oops, hooking to world should not cancel
2008-08-24 div0hook: new "tarzan" mode that can pull players "symmetri...
2008-08-24 div0use less memory :P
2008-08-24 div0jitter-less grappling hook (and currently using a place...
2008-08-24 m0rfarcredit sev for wicked skins
2008-08-23 div0hook: also detach when the aiment's deadflag changes...
2008-08-23 div0make "teamstatus" work again
2008-08-23 div0fix ready-restart in CTF
2008-08-23 div0fix endless loop in scores clearing
2008-08-23 div0remove unused var
2008-08-23 div0avoid the recursion for a trivial case in ExactTrigger
2008-08-23 div0make trigger_swamp exact too. InitTrigger() is no longe...
2008-08-23 div0ops, a syntax error
2008-08-23 div0automatically set a cdtrack in generated mapinfo files
2008-08-23 div0fix docs for the new features
2008-08-23 div0fix deprecation warnings; remove support for "fog"...
2008-08-23 div0MapInfo:
2008-08-23 div0new command: cl_cmd settemp cvarname value (sets a...
2008-08-23 div0it belongs THIS way round
2008-08-23 div0race: hide kills/suicides columns in qualifying
2008-08-23 div0make trigger_multiple exact too
2008-08-23 div0smaller score updates (requires new engine on the server)
2008-08-22 div0reset voting on ready-restart
2008-08-22 div0try to fix autojoin
2008-08-22 div0don't draw that stupid spawn shield effect when waiting...
2008-08-22 div0autoshader: actually write "map $lightmap" right
2008-08-22 div0also make trigger_hurt, func_ladder and trigger_impulse...
2008-08-22 div0exact triggers: jumppads, teleporters and race checkpoi...
2008-08-22 div0fix score clearing in race
2008-08-21 div0and actually fixed it now
2008-08-21 div0race: completed spectator support
2008-08-21 div0forgot to commit this
2008-08-21 div0add torus' player sounds; remove the debug sounds
2008-08-21 div0Race: send stuff to people spectating someone too ...
2008-08-17 m0rfarFix "Invalid key in skin file: MARGIN_INPUTBOX" for...
2008-08-13 div0new time display in qualifying
2008-08-13 div0when hooked to a player, detach once he hurts you
2008-08-13 div0hook: use MOVETYPE_FOLLOW. You know what for.
2008-08-13 div0nodetail 1 as default for map voting
2008-08-13 div0refactor common setmodel calls for moving brushes and...
2008-08-13 div0DP_CSQC_ENTITY_REMOVE_IS_B0RKED - #ifdef for CSQC netwo...
2008-08-13 div0remove workarounds for broken MSG_ALL - let's see what...
2008-08-12 div0work around current csqc networking bugs crashing clients
2008-08-12 div0fix player skipping
2008-08-12 div0oops... hide crosshair when scoreboard is forced too
2008-08-12 div0fix spuriously appearing ready-nagger
2008-08-12 div0race: turn off ALL telefragging
2008-08-12 div0add Race game type to the menu
2008-08-12 div0do not set equality if there is no player at all
2008-08-12 div0fix timelimit condition for race winning conditions...
2008-08-12 div0fix clientdisconnect crash
2008-08-12 div0make checkpoints orange
2008-08-12 div0if at the end of the qualifying time, 2/3 of the player...
2008-08-11 div0color display fix for lap count
2008-08-11 div0wanted to handle independent players with OR, not AND
2008-08-11 div0oops ;)
2008-08-11 div0recount ready players at disconnect
2008-08-11 div0/me sucks at two's complement. FIXED.
2008-08-11 div0undo that. That's better handled by vcall kick.
2008-08-11 div0make independent player able to shoot normal players...
2008-08-11 div0better scoreboard forcing
2008-08-11 div0fix to race winning condition
2008-08-11 div0fix all unuseds except for the fteqcc bug ones
2008-08-11 div0remove unuseds (except for the fteqcc bug ones)