2006-06-13 lordhavocchanged electro ammo costs to 2/2 (they were 4/1),...
2006-06-13 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@1609...
2006-06-13 m0rfars/dm/lms
2006-06-13 savagexnew picture for blue sky
2006-06-13 savagexadd Strahlemann's Blue Sky map
2006-06-12 lordhavoccleaned up and refined quality configs
2006-06-12 lordhavocremove unused W_CheckAmmo function
2006-06-12 lordhavocchanged final level back to starship DM, because LMS...
2006-06-12 div0can scale now
2006-06-12 savagexremove item_quad from warfare
2006-06-12 lordhavocfix typo
2006-06-12 lordhavocadded item_quad compatibility
2006-06-12 lordhavocadded droppedweapon to the list of things a jumppad...
2006-06-12 savagexadd "sounds" key to lift in warfare
2006-06-12 savagexnothing to see here
2006-06-12 savagexsound for lift in warfare.ent
2006-06-12 savagexhack in sounds into func_door. Has to be done properly...
2006-06-12 div0ServerConsoleEcho ate my tempstring!
2006-06-12 lordhavocchanged campaign level descriptions
2006-06-12 lordhavocadd a missing semicolon
2006-06-12 lordhavocmoved common campaign code into a common directory
2006-06-12 esteelMade menu code compile again
2006-06-12 lordhavocfixed filename extensions
2006-06-12 lordhavocfixed progs.src
2006-06-12 lordhavocremoving this empty directory
2006-06-12 lordhavocrenamed and moved all gamec/*.[ch] files to *.q[ch]
2006-06-12 lordhavocremoving this makefile also
2006-06-12 lordhavocmigrated more weaponentity/exteriorweaponentity logic...
2006-06-12 lordhavocdisabled projectile noise on electro
2006-06-12 lordhavocremoving this junk (MSVC projects for editing qc code...
2006-06-12 lordhavocmoved menuqc to qcsrc/menu
2006-06-12 div0one char less for campaign text box
2006-06-12 savagexnew compile of bloodprison. To make sure the lighting...
2006-06-12 div0r_glsl now saved
2006-06-12 lordhavocfurther half-precision optimizations for NVIDIA, and...
2006-06-12 div0s/phrase/phase/
2006-06-12 kadaverjackfixed LMS campaign lives bug
2006-06-12 m0rfarreverted my changes to the shader and bsp.. since it...
2006-06-12 div0glsl now supports SceneBrightness, makes HDR better
2006-06-12 esteelfixed a small gap on the campain menu
2006-06-11 esteelUpdated the graphical config files to hdr
2006-06-11 esteeladded r_hdr to menu, waiting for engine :)
2006-06-11 div0curl default URL set
2006-06-11 strahlemannhard-fixed glowing textures on runningman_remix (sky...
2006-06-11 m0rfarBloodprison:
2006-06-11 div0added mutator message for NixNex
2006-06-11 savagexuse some proper glass shader for glass tubes
2006-06-11 savagexfix green light tubes in stralenex1.shader
2006-06-11 esteelfixed some localcmd's without \n
2006-06-11 esteelAdded first working crosshair color controls to menu
2006-06-11 div0now all ambient sounds and player slime/lava sounds...
2006-06-11 div0campaign is now CSV
2006-06-11 div0motd is now word wrapped
2006-06-11 kadaverjack- added another waypoint on aneurysm
2006-06-11 kadaverjackfixed minstagib no ammo kill & added 2 more waypoints...
2006-06-10 div0moved initializations of some variables to where they...
2006-06-10 div0fixed electro secondary sound
2006-06-10 div0dismal is CTF only
2006-06-10 savagexfix a broken light shader for slimepit
2006-06-10 kadaverjackbetter fix for LMS crash
2006-06-10 esteelThis fixes a crash at the end of a LMS game.
2006-06-10 m0rfarToxic:
2006-06-10 esteelUpdated Docs and removed cl_autodemo from menu
2006-06-10 lordhavocfixed some bugs and design flaws in the csqc code,...
2006-06-10 lordhavocchanged shotorg positions for most weapons, they are...
2006-06-10 lordhavocfixed teamplay 1 so it blocks self damage like it's...
2006-06-10 lordhavocmajor audit/cleanup/overhaul of weapon code, all identi...
2006-06-10 lordhavocfixed grate texture used in warfare to not be mipmapped...
2006-06-10 lordhavocchanged nex impact effect a bit
2006-06-09 div0don't reset campaign level at end... don't... (that...
2006-06-09 div0a scale of 0.61 is the highest possible
2006-06-09 lordhavocchanged default cl_forwardspeed, cl_sidespeed, and...
2006-06-09 div0properly marked saved cvars as seta
2006-06-09 div0realigned
2006-06-09 lordhavocfix weapon bobbing/pitching code to take into account...
2006-06-09 esteelbumped versions to 2.0 / 20000
2006-06-09 lordhavocconverted b_sky to solid colors (4 colors for up image...
2006-06-09 savagexsav-greaysky1 into attic
2006-06-09 lordhavocchanged textures on lift button to playerclip instead...
2006-06-09 div0setting scale to prevent "own weapon sticks into wall"
2006-06-08 esteelAnother demo. Hinting at new physics and weapons.
2006-06-08 m0rfarA benchmarking demo
2006-06-08 div0DSI's not pining! DSI's passed on! This map is no more...
2006-06-08 vermeulenGot rid of the Dismal map in the campaign, since for...
2006-06-08 vermeulenGot rid of non-existent maps in the campaign mode.
2006-06-07 div0menu mouse speed slider
2006-06-07 div0added cvar: scmenu_mouse_speed
2006-06-07 div0polite bots don't attack chatting/inactive people
2006-06-07 m0rfartypo
2006-06-07 div0Don Strunzone's fault.
2006-06-07 div0damn typos
2006-06-07 div0preparations for slowmo/low gravity mutators
2006-06-07 div0Now addng level numbers automatically
2006-06-07 div0preparations for slowmo/low gravity mutators
2006-06-06 div0changed example URL to a sample
2006-06-06 div0Typos. Typos. I HATE TYPOS.
2006-06-06 div0added map download documentation
2006-06-06 esteelCorrected Docs to say Nexuiz 2.0
2006-06-06 m0rfartweaks
2006-06-06 kadaverjackfixed ctf capture timer