2009-12-26 div0reintroduce the 640x480 hack as I have found out what...
2009-12-26 div0remove hack for 640x480 menu in preparation of freetype...
2009-12-26 div0fix menu aspect fixing :(
2009-12-26 div0forgot this cvar
2009-12-26 div0drawstring_expanding :P
2009-12-26 div0small sidefric < 0 fix
2009-12-25 div0modal controller: set font scale too
2009-12-25 div0use draw_fontscale in nexposee for fixing the text...
2009-12-25 div0add %#s and %#c conversions to sprintf (i.e. use byte...
2009-12-24 div0fix relative mouse coordinate handling
2009-12-23 div0mark the fog command as untranslatable (example)
2009-12-23 div0document DP_QC_SPRINTF
2009-12-23 div0improved networking of ping and packet loss, now update...
2009-12-23 lordhavocadded torchflame effect
2009-12-22 div0fix sys_ticrate -> sys_frametime in vehicles
2009-12-22 div0more minsta fixes
2009-12-21 div0improve movement packet loss showing
2009-12-21 div0add missing variable
2009-12-21 div0csqc support for a new engine feature: movement packet...
2009-12-21 samualFix shotgun from being too strong in 2.6 balance and...
2009-12-20 div0fix crosshair effects
2009-12-20 div0give invisible names a random ID too
2009-12-20 div0try to detect invisible nicknames
2009-12-20 div0remove a leftover print
2009-12-20 div0tune lerping
2009-12-20 div0- rename sys_ticrate global to sys_frametime, and premu...
2009-12-20 div0change teleport to animation restart bit in weapon...
2009-12-20 div0get rid of mass warning
2009-12-20 samualPatch #589: Menu sounds, disabled by default. (patch...
2009-12-20 samualBug #599: Fix time remaining sounds in warmup mode...
2009-12-20 samualcl_deathfade enabled by default
2009-12-19 div0correct sizes of items in multiplayer join
2009-12-19 div0oops... 4% more width because I had done 6:5 and not 5:4
2009-12-19 div0quick fix for hurt triggers in minstagib
2009-12-19 div0remove some tabs from the balance config files to not...
2009-12-19 div0s/space/tab in the nexrun config (otherwise fails with...
2009-12-19 div0fix cvar typo
2009-12-19 div0support other URL parameters in g_ban_sync_uri (i.e...
2009-12-19 div0increase MAX_BAN to 256
2009-12-19 div0-cvar_check
2009-12-19 div0cvar hashes (hope we can get rid of these soon)
2009-12-19 div0we didn't need that CP -1 handling any more
2009-12-19 div0revert the last change in case of the finish line spawn...
2009-12-19 div0Only update spotref if we ACTUALLY advanced by a CP...
2009-12-19 div0race: improved respawn handling:
2009-12-19 fruitiexset -2 on defrag checkpoints, still does not fully...
2009-12-18 div0fix bug in race with toggling spec/player
2009-12-18 div0add explanation comment
2009-12-18 div0fix handling when dying before reaching first CP
2009-12-18 div0exclude the serverconfig cvar
2009-12-18 div0entities.def merge
2009-12-18 div0remove a debug print
2009-12-18 div0fix race spawnpoint bug
2009-12-18 div0adjust docs for the last race change
2009-12-18 div0race: change checkpoint use
2009-12-18 div0try fixing the addition of CA
2009-12-18 div0try fixing crash found by Roffnan
2009-12-18 div0refactored the scaling to a separate function to allow...
2009-12-18 div0also new: SKINCOLOR_BACKGROUND
2009-12-18 div0menu background: allow different aspect-fixing modes...
2009-12-18 div0menu now ALWAYS works in a subwindow of 5:4 aspect...
2009-12-17 fruitiexweaken LG just a bit, increase electro direct hit damage
2009-12-17 div0fix spam from anticheat
2009-12-17 div0fix a misnamed cvar
2009-12-16 div0r_glsl to vid_gl20 cvar rename (please test)
2009-12-16 div0for niceness to MD3 exporters, also support the weapon...
2009-12-16 div0turn undefined-cvar access from error into backtrace
2009-12-15 div0also bail out if trying to cvar_set "" (which would...
2009-12-14 div0factor out the hardcoded ACL
2009-12-14 div0moved ACL stuff to util.qc
2009-12-13 div0also block g_ban*
2009-12-13 div0fix settemp security hole :P
2009-12-13 div0add detection code for generic speedhacks, old and...
2009-12-13 div0checksums
2009-12-13 div0entities.def merge
2009-12-13 div0remove unwanted access to "neutral" team cvars
2009-12-11 div0document that change :P
2009-12-11 div0trigger_multiple: do not wait if "wait" is -2
2009-12-10 m0rfarjust reverting desertfactory.mapinfo
2009-12-09 m0rfarDesertfactory v1r1 by Sev.
2009-12-09 div0allow non-square fonts to be output
2009-12-07 morphedremoving last remains of old xolar skin, xolar selected...
2009-12-07 fruitiexfix a bug in target_give by using InitializeEntity
2009-12-06 div0update docs of autocvars
2009-12-06 div0add missing autocvars.qh file
2009-12-06 div0sloppy (faster) gibs
2009-12-05 div0new bug test: tracebug2
2009-12-05 fruitiexcvar for enabling/disabling playerclips on a map (usefu...
2009-12-05 div0document DP_QC_AUTOCVARS
2009-12-05 fruitiexadd cvar_or to the timer scale for compatibility
2009-12-05 div0fixing some false alarms by fteqcc
2009-12-05 fruitiexsupport defrag weapon/item give entity
2009-12-05 lordhavocoptimized trail code by adding a new .traileffect field...
2009-12-05 lordhavocfix bug where dlight from rocket flickered because...
2009-12-04 fruitiexreplace hlac and cr
2009-12-04 div0enable the endpos nudge
2009-12-03 div0add a missing cvar
2009-12-03 fruitiexweapon remove ent compatibility from defrag (link to...
2009-12-03 fruitiextweak grenades so that they make exactly one bounce...
2009-12-03 fruitiex-add cvars for playersize to allow eg. defrag mapinfos...