2009-04-19 div0fix bsptool handling _gridsize keys
2009-04-17 div0sv_cheats 1: show all players on team radar
2009-04-17 div0fix fteqcc optimization :P
2009-04-17 div0avoid drawing clientwall/etc. with alpha <= 0.003
2009-04-17 div0misc_clientmodel
2009-04-17 div0make entities.def show misc_clientmodel
2009-04-17 div0refactored model entity code to make it more readable
2009-04-17 div0misc_clientmodel: clientside misc_gamemodel
2009-04-17 div0fix a weird menu mouse pointer jumping bug
2009-04-17 esteelupdate misc/netradiant-NexuizPack/nexuiz.game/data...
2009-04-17 div0fix behaviour on "cd stop" etc. commands
2009-04-17 div0fix note-off during decay or attack stage when above...
2009-04-17 div0error message fix
2009-04-17 div0speed up loading of BGM script
2009-04-17 div0as always, forgot some files
2009-04-17 div0forgot two fields of func_clientillusionary
2009-04-17 div0func_clientweall, func_clientillusionary (with BGM...
2009-04-17 div0support angle -1 and -2 on all entities, not just doors
2009-04-17 div0sixtyfour revisited
2009-04-16 div0sixtyfour project file
2009-04-16 div0sixtyfour: delete some silence at beginning and end
2009-04-16 div0new smoke emitter for DF;
2009-04-16 div0midi2bgs: handle MIDIs correctly where a note from...
2009-04-16 div0desertfactory smoke emitters now synced to music :P
2009-04-16 esteelupdate misc/netradiant-NexuizPack/nexuiz.game/data...
2009-04-16 div0compat fix for ame7q3tny1
2009-04-16 div0and more... changed decay's meaning, updated docs
2009-04-16 div0more pointparticles goodies
2009-04-16 div0remove pointparticles glow_color (does not work anyway)
2009-04-16 div0bgmscript: fix rewinding at end of music
2009-04-16 div0more fixes for pointparticles bgm script
2009-04-16 div0func_pointparticles: reduce bandwidth
2009-04-16 div0add a MIDI to BGS converter
2009-04-16 div0ninesix music
2009-04-16 div0some project files for the new music tracks
2009-04-16 div0tiny particle emitter script change: bgmscript now...
2009-04-15 div0document bgmscript
2009-04-15 div0change extension .pp -> .bgs
2009-04-15 div0some entity field name improvements for bgmscript
2009-04-15 div0experimental system for music synced particle effects...
2009-04-15 m0rfarPatch by terencehill. Fixes some warnings on aneurysm...
2009-04-15 div0entities.def update; new cvar checksums
2009-04-15 div0a debugging helper "NextFrameCommand", may become usefu...
2009-04-14 div0document misc_laser and func_door oddities
2009-04-14 div0support for pointer warping
2009-04-14 div0some v aliases
2009-04-14 div0menu_cmd red
2009-04-14 div0rearrange weapon mutator menu items
2009-04-14 div0more music changes:
2009-04-14 div0new tracks:
2009-04-13 div0leave the "oldorigin" field on player entities alone...
2009-04-13 div0make csqc movetypes match DP rev 8918
2009-04-13 tzorkSpawnflags TSL_NO_RESPAWN
2009-04-13 tzorkMove turret models precache to spawnfunc_
2009-04-12 div0add a test case for the tracebox bug: "sv_cmd tracebug"
2009-04-12 div0DP rev 8905 support in csqc movetypes
2009-04-11 div0make the sh and bat files able to work from their direc...
2009-04-10 div0fix the "needed" number
2009-04-10 div0race: order of players at end of race may be wrong...
2009-04-10 div0handle the empty ban list without error message spam
2009-04-10 div0fix an error message in banlist processing
2009-04-10 div0add rcon_secure 1
2009-04-10 m0rfarPatch by terencehill. Fixing floating small armors...
2009-04-09 div0make nixnex and weaponarena unofficially able to coexis...
2009-04-09 div0add a fire2 sound for the CR (currently identical to...
2009-04-09 div0TC 0, as it's ugly
2009-04-09 div0change the screenshots on warfare to truly recursive...
2009-04-09 div0also don't send voice flood cvars
2009-04-09 div0secure auth now also in rcon2irc
2009-04-09 div0rcon.pl: support srcon protocol
2009-04-08 div0fix typo in shield finished timer
2009-04-07 div0properly leave campaign state when creating a new game
2009-04-07 div0use -1 as team numbers for spectators (PLEASE TEST)
2009-04-07 div0-dn-refueled
2009-04-07 div0better indicqation of strength running out
2009-04-07 div0Tenshihan v6.0
2009-04-07 mand1ngaDon't jump if g_midair is set (mid air mutator)
2009-04-06 esteeladd $g_nexuizversion to the hostname(s)
2009-04-06 div0entities
2009-04-06 div0show waypoint links message only on console
2009-04-06 div0better void evasion with the jetpack
2009-04-06 div0add waypoints cache files
2009-04-06 div0fell off the track
2009-04-06 div0try to fix runaway loop when loading waypoints by being...
2009-04-06 div0fix 2735547
2009-04-06 div0yet another update to the map compiler. Should now...
2009-04-06 div0improve nexuiz-map-compiler
2009-04-05 mand1ngaChanged the method for caching paths. Now the .cache...
2009-04-05 div0fix menu_updatecheck cvar
2009-04-05 mand1ngaAdded cache for waypoint links. It stores every link...
2009-04-05 div0support settable attenuation for pointparticles
2009-04-05 div0fix keyhunt team counts
2009-04-05 morphednew weapon sources
2009-04-05 div0fix negative pointparticles impulse
2009-04-05 div0fix target_items handling jetpack
2009-04-05 mand1ngaImproved dangers detection
2009-04-05 mand1ngaCompleted newlines on some arena mode messages
2009-04-05 mand1ngaFixed insane weapon switching
2009-04-04 mand1ngaDon't default to laser when there is no enemy at sight
2009-04-04 mand1ngaCalculate xy speed properly