2007-04-30 div0game mode "keyhunt", still in testing
2007-04-30 div0makebuild now makes extra docs zip
2007-04-30 div0itemsInMap (Dresk)
2007-04-29 div0fix division by 0
2007-04-29 kadaverjackfixed spawn point sizes in entities.def
2007-04-29 esteelremoved a comma after a url that was messing up, merged...
2007-04-28 kadaverjack- always turn missiles in direction of flight
2007-04-28 esteelsome minor corrections
2007-04-28 esteeldarkplaces now uses svn
2007-04-26 lordhavocchanged all sound names from .ogg to .wav, the engine...
2007-04-25 div0autoscreenshot fixed again
2007-04-25 div0use play2() function (as preparation for sound packs)
2007-04-25 lordhavocupdated pro with the recent changes to default.cfg
2007-04-25 lordhavocremoved line that set cl_movement_minping to 0 because...
2007-04-25 lordhavoctweaked bullet and explosion smoke effects
2007-04-25 strahlemanndeleted textures that are not necessary
2007-04-25 strahlemannAdded jumppad-effects to nearly all stock-maps
2007-04-25 esteelnew map: final rage from tZork (reworked nexdm10 from...
2007-04-25 div0redirection now only attempts twice
2007-04-25 div0added a comment
2007-04-25 div0netname checking moved to engine
2007-04-25 div0no longer need workaround against broken strlennocol
2007-04-24 div0fix missing jumppad sounds for bots
2007-04-24 div0reduced redirection timeouts
2007-04-24 lordhavocupdated the quality configs to be much more appropriate
2007-04-24 esteeladded cl_movement_minping 0, changed team messages...
2007-04-24 div0quit_and_redirect improved, can now redirect to "self...
2007-04-23 kadaverjackadded target_teleporter support
2007-04-22 lordhavoceven slower machinegun experiment
2007-04-22 lordhavocmore tweaks, changed machinegun back from minigun speed...
2007-04-21 kadaverjack- changed newlines string to #define and added even...
2007-04-21 kadaverjackreset the flag's angles when carried
2007-04-20 div0fix hit sounds again
2007-04-20 div0support the numbots field
2007-04-20 div0makebuild updated
2007-04-20 esteellarger vid_con* sizes, shotgun has less spread
2007-04-20 div0add fs_empty_files_in_pack_mark_deletions
2007-04-20 div0make spawnpoint dropping depend on g_spawnpoints_autodrop
2007-04-20 div0- removed empty line from default.cfg and credits
2007-04-20 div0need the first down-trace to not shift waypoints slight...
2007-04-20 div0who put leak files in here?
2007-04-19 esteeljoin menu now displays human player count
2007-04-19 div0fix "unused"; zoom sets in default.cfg should have...
2007-04-19 div0new attempt to fix waypoints; weapon system no
2007-04-18 div0oops, two warnings
2007-04-18 div0also drop waypoints to floor; no hard errors for broken...
2007-04-18 div0move waypoints out of solid when needed;
2007-04-18 div0Dear havocbots,
2007-04-18 esteelcorrected csqc 'dead' check
2007-04-18 div0CTF capture times - two digits please!
2007-04-18 kadaverjackattach rl flash
2007-04-18 div0set lowprecision whereever possible
2007-04-17 kadaverjack- fixed hitsounds when spectating bots
2007-04-17 div0added a TESTING ONLY branding image
2007-04-16 div0spectator hit sounds
2007-04-16 div0added m0rfar's crosshairs 9 and 10
2007-04-16 strahlemannadded animmap for texture\evil8_fx\e8jumpspawn02_grey...
2007-04-16 kadaverjackonly show ONE weapon at a time to spectators
2007-04-16 div0show weapon to spectators too
2007-04-16 div0make the "no attachment + nodepthtest" path set attachm...
2007-04-16 div0attachment + EF_NODEPTHTEST is a notwork. Once fixed...
2007-04-16 div0no setorigin in waypoint sprites (havoc);
2007-04-16 div0engine is now svn
2007-04-16 lordhavocround down flag capture times to integer values, the...
2007-04-15 div0only need console log output ONCE
2007-04-15 div0DP expands $* inside comments?!?
2007-04-15 div0oops, a typo...
2007-04-15 div0now using DP_SV_CMD/DP_QC_CMD; removed cvar abuse by...
2007-04-15 div0add r_picmipsprites 0 to default.cfg
2007-04-14 div0cl_zoomfactor undefined means old client means buggy...
2007-04-14 div0engine update fixed zooming; so now 3.1x is the equival...
2007-04-14 div0print without action... corrected the check
2007-04-14 lordhavocweapons now have force settings
2007-04-13 div0menu changes to autoswitch/shownames/showgibs now take...
2007-04-13 div0sorry, forgot this file
2007-04-13 div0waypoint sprites system mainly for CTF; currently with...
2007-04-13 div0new zoom customization: cl_zoomspeed, cl_zoomfactor
2007-04-11 div0oops, this was meant to be local only
2007-04-11 div0no more tdeath
2007-04-10 strahlemannFPS-Increase on runningman_1on1remix by deleting a...
2007-04-08 strahlemannremoved the annoying ledge at the jumppad to the shotgun.
2007-04-08 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@2296...
2007-04-08 div0Dresk: remove dlight from weapon for strength/shield
2007-04-08 div0make hook update more often
2007-04-04 div0reverting Q1BSP compatibility change (breaks cl_movemen...
2007-04-04 div0branch needs this declaration
2007-04-04 div0Q1 map support; ctf1 now works!
2007-04-04 div0move player selection display to prethink
2007-04-03 div0oops, water jump too
2007-04-03 div0moved jump to SV_PlayerPhysics (please test) - needed...
2007-04-02 esteeluse cl_bobcycle/up 0 instead of cl_bob as this also...
2007-04-02 m0rfar3 new benchmark demos!
2007-04-01 div0fix netname the right way; check for empty string in say
2007-04-01 div0fix up broken netnames (thanks, Burning)
2007-04-01 div0never trust Dresk's code (back to QC implementation...
2007-04-01 div0oops, cvar name...
2007-04-01 div0DP uses say with two spaces in messagemode - workaround
2007-04-01 div0define burst right... :)
2007-04-01 div0g_balance_teams_complain to complain about team balance...
2007-04-01 div0- now using a fresh dpextensions.qc