2005-11-07 savagexrename menu directories
2005-11-07 savagexgive menu source its own directory
2005-11-07 savagexrestructure
2005-11-07 savagexgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@544...
2005-11-07 savagexrestructure
2005-10-26 esteelfixed compiler warnings, default.cfg entries corrected
2005-10-26 esteelreally UNIX line endings
2005-10-25 esteeltime/fraglimit overrides have now default of -1 so...
2005-10-25 esteeltime/fraglimit overrides have now default of -1 so...
2005-10-23 maikmertenmissing newline in stuffcmd
2005-10-21 esteelmore control over starting weapons/ammo/pickups
2005-10-20 esteeladded g_midair: only take damage while in the air
2005-10-01 maikmertenbetter documented voting system
2005-09-19 maikmertenmore voting
2005-09-18 maikmertenStahl's vote code
2005-09-18 maikmertenStahl's voting code
2005-09-12 maikmertenset the bot_number cvar only if necessary
2005-09-11 maikmertenonce again: g_maplist
2005-09-10 maikmertenrenamed alias 'play' to 'ply' to fix namespace clash
2005-09-09 maikmertensmall alias fixes
2005-09-08 maikmertenintroduce g_nexuizversion
2005-09-08 maikmertenupdated maplist
2005-09-08 maikmertenmatch default.cfg
2005-09-08 maikmertenyet another message
2005-09-07 maikmertengrappling hook
2005-09-07 maikmertencount login tries
2005-09-07 maikmertensome aliases
2005-09-03 maikmertenInclude KadaverJack's fix to prevent endless bot spawn...
2005-09-02 maikmertenclientcommands settings
2005-09-02 maikmertengive more messages
2005-09-02 maikmertenupdated dlight shadow settings
2005-09-02 maikmertenupdate weapon default setting to match default.cfg
2005-09-02 maikmertenuse sv_maxspeed instead of cl_forwardspeed
2005-09-01 maikmerteninclude clientcommands.c
2005-08-31 maikmertenget some rcon-like features
2005-08-31 maikmertennow... 175 is the correct 1.1 value for the nex damage...
2005-08-31 maikmertenmore default.cfg fixing
2005-08-30 maikmertenreduced nex damage to 1.1 value
2005-08-29 maikmertenUnix line endings
2005-08-29 maikmertenGrappling hook default values
2005-08-29 maikmerteng_maplist update for gamemodes
2005-08-20 blackhcFixed a studid typo in the GetFilteredIndex.
2005-08-18 maikmertenreduced fall damage
2005-08-16 maikmerten'The enemy got your flag' message
2005-08-15 maikmertenmake grappling hook actually work
2005-08-15 maikmertengrappling hook
2005-08-15 maikmertenmenu files with grappling hook options
2005-08-15 maikmertenmore changes from Wazat
2005-08-13 blackhcA lot of work done on the menu, I hope everything works..
2005-08-13 maikmertensome default.cfg teamplay things
2005-08-13 maikmertensome changes from Wazat
2005-08-13 maikmertenupdated default.cfg for teamplay and adjusted glow...
2005-08-13 maikmertenbots now check teams
2005-08-11 blackhcCommit round I. Im too tired to write the selector...
2005-08-11 blackhcRecommit some changes that have been overwritten.
2005-08-11 maikmertenUNIX line endings
2005-08-11 maikmertenUNIX line endings
2005-08-11 maikmertenUNIX line endings
2005-08-11 maikmertenUNIX line endings
2005-08-11 maikmertenWazat's menu
2005-08-11 maikmertenSave some bandwidth
2005-08-11 maikmertenWazat's teamplay gamemodes
2005-07-31 blackhc-Sound_Play only calls localsound if there is a sound...
2005-07-31 blackhc-Disabled selection sounds for all items except picture...
2005-07-15 lordhavocadded bot_number cvar
2005-07-12 lordhavocadded func_door and func_button to t_plats.c
2005-07-12 lordhavocuse EF_LOWPRECISION on nex muzzleflash
2005-07-05 lordhavocfixed g_fullbrightplayers (so it actually works now...
2005-07-05 lordhavocadd nexdm17 to g_maplist
2005-07-03 blackhc-Renamed str_cvar to cvar_string.
2005-07-01 maikmertenMauveBib fixed increasing number of bots during map...
2005-07-01 blackhcMenu_ActiveWindow is now set in time (that is before...
2005-06-29 maikmertendisable r_watershader by default
2005-06-28 lordhavocreduced g_maxpushtime from 15 to 8 at Urre's suggestion...
2005-06-28 lordhavocgive kill credit for hazard deaths to whoever pushed...
2005-06-28 lordhavocadded g_balance_falldamage_minspeed g_balance_falldamag...
2005-06-28 lordhavocpatch to make frikqcc work from nexuiz.com/forums/index...
2005-06-28 lordhavocfix two rocket launcher kill bugs detailed in the threa...
2005-06-25 blackhcFixed a 'hanging ;' warning
2005-06-24 seienabunaeSmall insignificant 'fix'
2005-06-24 seienabunaeOops
2005-06-24 seienabunaeI know this was already kind of covered by the code...
2005-06-24 seienabunaeSmall fix
2005-06-23 lordhavocadded g_balance_armor_blockpercent cvar
2005-06-22 lordhavocfixed hagar spread setting (value was missing), thanks...
2005-06-20 lordhavocrewrote spawn furthest code to work properly
2005-06-19 vermeulenlremoving
2005-06-19 vermeulenlMy stupidity is amazing
2005-06-19 vermeulenlAdding mauvebib's bots
2005-06-19 blackhc-Added bot support back to the menu.
2005-06-19 blackhcChanged the sys_ticrate description text and fixed...
2005-06-19 maikmertenDisable shadows as default value
2005-06-19 maikmertenDisable dlight shadows by default
2005-06-18 maikmertenadded Vampire mode to menu and default.cfg
2005-06-18 maikmertenvery simple new 'mutator': Vampire as seen in UT200x
2005-06-17 blackhc-Changed SwitchButton to use stepValue instead of 1.0.
2005-06-16 maikmertenmodified spawning position of hagar missiles to fix...
2005-06-16 maikmertenPrecache all player models to fix invisible player bug
2005-06-14 maikmertenMouse filter option in input menu
2005-06-14 maikmertenDLight Shadows option in the effects menu