2009-09-01 div0entities.def merge
2009-09-01 div0spawnflag 256 on most damageable entities = ignore...
2009-09-01 div0fix typo
2009-09-01 div0honor teleport bit
2009-09-01 div0teleport bit for projectiles
2009-09-01 div0add a missing file
2009-09-01 div0proper shockwave origin
2009-09-01 div0fix size calc in shockwave
2009-08-31 lordhavocfix transparent items behavior for teamed items
2009-08-31 fruitiexadd sv_gameplayfix_delayprojectiles 0 to nexrun
2009-08-31 div0turn off warmup in runematch too (warmup code SUCKS)
2009-08-31 div0[NOT FOR 2.5.2] projectiles on jumppads: make them...
2009-08-30 lordhavocmade items transparent when awaiting respawn, not invisible
2009-08-30 lordhavocmajor changes to havoc mode
2009-08-30 div0add a subsystem to set players on fire (unused)
2009-08-30 div0allow projectile "trails" when not moving (unused yet)
2009-08-30 fruitiexadd a missing light on stormeep, make simply walking...
2009-08-30 mand1ngaIncreased bot_ai_navigation_jetpack_mindistance a little
2009-08-29 div0more fugbix
2009-08-29 mand1ngaEven distribution of attackers
2009-08-29 div0more particlefont goodness
2009-08-29 div0fix particle font
2009-08-29 fruitiexhide cl_showpressedkeys and cl_showspeed if r_letterbox...
2009-08-29 div0cvars
2009-08-29 div0new cvars sv_taunt, sv_autotaunt
2009-08-28 fruitiexfix small caulk problem on stormkeep2
2009-08-28 div0particle font generator script, for new-style particle...
2009-08-28 div0jumppads: do not touch pushltime on non-players
2009-08-28 div0entities merge
2009-08-28 div0{
2009-08-27 fruitiexmove physicsCPMAnex.cfg to physicsNexrun.cfg
2009-08-27 fruitiexupdates to physicsCPMAnex.cfg, now also matches the...
2009-08-27 fruitiexoriginal stormkeep removed from maplist, the map should...
2009-08-26 m0rfarsync shaderlist and maplist
2009-08-26 fruitiexreadme.txt for hip_inter
2009-08-26 tzorkFix turrets bboxes.
2009-08-26 fruitiexwarmup text hidden for spectators
2009-08-26 fruitiexwhoops, forgot these
2009-08-26 fruitiexsbar.qc positioning fixes, please test
2009-08-26 div0make CTF flag cap shockwave clientside too
2009-08-26 div0onslaught: change another model effect to be clientside...
2009-08-26 fruitiexmove fuel ammo at vid_conwidth < 800
2009-08-26 fruitiexmove powerup timer instead of scores at vid_conwidth...
2009-08-26 fruitiexdynamic placement for the spectator's name according...
2009-08-26 fruitiexbigger observed player's name
2009-08-26 lordhavocfix compile error
2009-08-26 div0shockwave is now clientside (smoother)
2009-08-26 fruitiexctf speedrun impulse fix by TH
2009-08-26 mand1ngaDisabled bot jetpack navigation by default
2009-08-26 mand1ngaFixed tracking of stats in warmup stage
2009-08-26 mand1ngaToo much visual basic? ..
2009-08-25 fruitiexmore team cleanups by TH
2009-08-25 fruitiexfix timer display in last minute of warmup mode
2009-08-25 fruitiexg_warmup_limit fix by terencehill + timeout slowmo...
2009-08-25 fruitiexteams order patch by terencehill
2009-08-25 fruitiexweapon accuracy stats cleanup patch by terencehill
2009-08-25 div0add tuba documentation ;)
2009-08-25 div0remove stupid prints and unused function
2009-08-25 div0onslaught shockwave: make this feature available to...
2009-08-24 fruitiexstormkeep2!
2009-08-24 mrbougoupdate cfg hashes
2009-08-24 div0fix nex whoosh spamming misc_laser
2009-08-23 mand1ngawhoops
2009-08-23 mand1ngaEnable code for jetpack navigation, although the featur...
2009-08-23 mand1ngaDon't attack neutral entities
2009-08-23 mand1ngaUpdated recommended motion blur dose
2009-08-23 mand1ngaLowered default motion blur settings to 0.5
2009-08-23 fruitiexshow only needed ammo types on the HUD in nixnex and...
2009-08-23 fruitiexfix "minstagib only" message in the menu, which is...
2009-08-23 fruitiexadd tutorial bot waypoint cache file to prevent spammin...
2009-08-23 fruitiextooltipz!
2009-08-23 fruitiexdamn, this line was not supposed to be committed.
2009-08-23 fruitiex3in1 gameplay patch by Taoki, bot domination fix (now...
2009-08-23 mand1ngaNew awesome effects for Onslaught
2009-08-23 mand1ngaFix compiler warnings
2009-08-23 mand1ngaSave some compiler time
2009-08-22 fruitiexgenerator gib spawn origin fix, should fix unstuck...
2009-08-22 mand1ngaDisable temporarily bot_vs_human when qty of teams > 2
2009-08-22 mand1ngaFix bots_vs_human and clean up CheckAllowedTeams()
2009-08-22 mand1ngaDon't show the "You got the Minstanex" msg in Minstagib...
2009-08-22 mand1ngaMake bots annoy with the laser when they run out of...
2009-08-22 mand1ngaDon't generate a minstanex with ammo when dying by...
2009-08-21 div0really fix warning and error
2009-08-21 div0fix warning
2009-08-21 div0compat pack update
2009-08-21 fruitiexadd cl_gunalign to menu, move v_flipped to weapon dialo...
2009-08-21 div0add "see also cl_gunalign" to shootfrom* vars
2009-08-21 div0whoever does the cl_gunalign menu item:
2009-08-21 div0particlegibs by morphed (cl_particlegibs 1)
2009-08-21 div0particle gibs option (needs changes in effectinfo by...
2009-08-21 div0s/ogg/wav/g
2009-08-21 mand1ngaMinstanex fixes by terencehil (#484)
2009-08-20 fruitiexcorrect 3 timeout cvar descriptions
2009-08-20 fruitiexscoreboard fixes by terencehill
2009-08-20 div0add some missing cvar definitions (max casings, max...
2009-08-20 div0fix warning
2009-08-20 div0set default CH to 1
2009-08-20 div0high: picmip 1
2009-08-20 div0rewrite nex whoosh code much more efficiently
2009-08-20 mand1ngaAdded command for playing sound files at bot location