2009-08-21 fruitiexadd cl_gunalign to menu, move v_flipped to weapon dialo...
2009-08-21 div0add "see also cl_gunalign" to shootfrom* vars
2009-08-21 div0whoever does the cl_gunalign menu item:
2009-08-21 div0particlegibs by morphed (cl_particlegibs 1)
2009-08-21 div0particle gibs option (needs changes in effectinfo by...
2009-08-21 div0s/ogg/wav/g
2009-08-21 mand1ngaMinstanex fixes by terencehil (#484)
2009-08-20 fruitiexcorrect 3 timeout cvar descriptions
2009-08-20 fruitiexscoreboard fixes by terencehill
2009-08-20 div0add some missing cvar definitions (max casings, max...
2009-08-20 div0fix warning
2009-08-20 div0set default CH to 1
2009-08-20 div0high: picmip 1
2009-08-20 div0rewrite nex whoosh code much more efficiently
2009-08-20 mand1ngaAdded command for playing sound files at bot location
2009-08-19 tzorkFix constant flyby sound for nex when spectating nex...
2009-08-19 tzorkFix constant flyby sound for nex when spectating nex...
2009-08-19 tzorkTeam colored minstanex beams & flyby sound for near...
2009-08-19 div0gunalign 4 = center handed if possible, else left
2009-08-19 div0shootfromeye > shootfromcenter > shootfromclient >...
2009-08-19 div0allow cl_gunalign settings for VISUAL-ONLY shot origin...
2009-08-19 div0shootfromclient: allow centerhandedness only if set...
2009-08-19 div0cl_gunalign: only allow sending it ONCE
2009-08-18 fruitiexfix: waypointscale not saved, minscale set to 0.5 so...
2009-08-18 fruitiextwo rcon2irc plugins by Mattias
2009-08-18 m0rfarfix tiny ambient occlusion error on rocket ammo
2009-08-18 div0restart jump anim when needed
2009-08-18 div0item waypointsprites: mark them as hideable, as they...
2009-08-17 fruitiexspectator name in lower left corner, sbar_showcurrentam...
2009-08-17 fruitiexmoar tooltips
2009-08-17 mand1ngaFix bot pausing
2009-08-17 fruitiexwaypoint scale slider added to menu, some fixes in...
2009-08-17 fruitiexadded tutorial shader to shaderlist.txt
2009-08-17 mand1ngaBetter landing
2009-08-16 div0saturation slider: start at 0.5, not 1.0
2009-08-16 div0individual hitplot
2009-08-16 div0ONS fixes
2009-08-16 mand1ngaFix audio spam on generator auto-destruction. Disallow...
2009-08-16 div0fix "gentle" logic :(
2009-08-16 fruitiexsmall cleanup to prevent alpha values greater than...
2009-08-16 fruitiexcl_showpressekeys centered, cl_showspeed moved above it
2009-08-16 fruitiexsbar_alpha_fg fix on armor/health icon
2009-08-16 div0try netfps 32
2009-08-15 div0more netfps (40 now)
2009-08-15 mand1ngaPlay again "X minutes left" announcers if match time...
2009-08-15 tzorkFix funky bug that waprs players to the spiderbot when...
2009-08-14 div0cts/race: enable cl_movecliptokeyboard (new in engine...
2009-08-14 div0don't cause roundoff errors if we don't really NEED...
2009-08-14 div0race/cts: clip movement vector to the "keyboard axes...
2009-08-14 div0fix number display
2009-08-13 m0rfaradd piece-o-cake to default maplist
2009-08-13 mrbougoshootfromeye, requested by FruitieX
2009-08-13 div0LETS_TEST_FTEQCC
2009-08-12 mrbougoCRLF forced on bat files
2009-08-12 mrbougoforcing unix line endings on sh files and the makefile...
2009-08-12 m0rfareol style native
2009-08-12 div0rebuilt all the Xiph.org libs; now capturevideo doesn...
2009-08-12 div0clean up sprite maker
2009-08-11 div0fix wallhugging bug
2009-08-11 tzorkPatches #434 from terencehill
2009-08-11 tzorkWops, need more files for the HUD_SPIDEBOT fix.
2009-08-11 tzorkmake spiderbot use framegroups, fix HUD_SPIDEBOT typo.
2009-08-11 mrbougonew OSX libs from merlijn
2009-08-11 mand1ngaFix frozen bots when joining a campaign level with...
2009-08-10 mrbougofix flag moving on return
2009-08-10 mrbougousing a regular dash instead of unsupported unicode :P
2009-08-09 div0fix the bucket
2009-08-09 div0make the bucket work
2009-08-09 div0switch I with J for better coloring
2009-08-09 div0bucket-of-seven randomization
2009-08-09 div0tetris: SRS rotation
2009-08-09 div0comment fix
2009-08-09 div0make tetris easier to play (better tiles)
2009-08-09 m0rfarenable jetpacks for reborn
2009-08-09 m0rfarons_reborn player spawn point in solid. Bug #467
2009-08-09 div0add two newlines :P
2009-08-09 div0more gameover time; newline fix
2009-08-09 div0recolor tetris start message
2009-08-09 div0adjust tetris levels to match gameboy tetris better
2009-08-09 div0tetris: no longer switch fonts
2009-08-09 div0allow playing tetris while spectating
2009-08-09 div0working tetris VS mode!
2009-08-09 m0rfarsbar_showbinds better description (#429)
2009-08-09 div0properly clear the centerprint of tetris
2009-08-09 div0partial VS support for tetris; all that's missing is...
2009-08-08 div0-DTETRIS: let konami code start tetris
2009-08-08 div0impluse cleanup
2009-08-08 div0hehe, make it look better lined up
2009-08-08 div0proper key repeat for tetris
2009-08-08 div0tetris: fix rotation; set impulse from 200 to 100;...
2009-08-08 div0fix unused var
2009-08-08 div0fix seeker->RL
2009-08-08 mrbougoadd if_client alias, fix cvar hashes (why did it need...
2009-08-08 div0disable resizable again, thanks to SDL+Windows 7 sucking
2009-08-08 div0add a weapon_seeker() function that spawns the RL
2009-08-08 div0s/type race/type rc/g
2009-08-08 div0fix accidentally not commented out stuff in gamecommand...
2009-08-08 mand1ngaBetter fix
2009-08-08 mand1ngaFix "controlpoint under attack" sound spam
2009-08-07 div0force a low bgmvolume in the tutorial so one can hear...