2008-12-25 morphedhlac fix: proper size for textures, smaller scope,...
2008-12-25 div0terrencehill's color codes patch. Please test thoroughly!
2008-12-25 div0rcon, rcon2irc: support terrencehill's colors
2008-12-25 div0recalculate bullet parameters
2008-12-25 div0avoid calling dropclient from cl_movement frames
2008-12-25 div0factor the ballistic bullet tracing into a separate...
2008-12-24 div0fix size of minimap
2008-12-24 div0csqc: fix position of waypoints in intermission
2008-12-24 div0no, do this: shoot CR from the eye when zoomed, to...
2008-12-24 div0camping rifle: DO use trueaim. Better for head shots...
2008-12-24 div0remove some spam
2008-12-24 div0remove other unnecessary check
2008-12-24 div0hook patch from Roffnan
2008-12-24 div0now bots can use the CR too
2008-12-24 div0hopefulyl fix decals of ballistic bullets
2008-12-24 div0remove debug output
2008-12-24 div0updated ballistics code and data, matches physics bette...
2008-12-24 m0rfarUse "Two cloth" version of the flags.
2008-12-23 div0fix extra casings :P
2008-12-23 div0fix cvar checks
2008-12-23 div0ballistics: also show bullet mark where the bullet...
2008-12-23 div0New stuff:
2008-12-23 div0electro: rebalance it by making primary and secondary...
2008-12-22 div0uzi: small tuning of spread and damage
2008-12-22 div0even more CHs
2008-12-22 div0CH 15 updated
2008-12-22 div0new crosshairs by mikeeusa as posted on the NN forum...
2008-12-22 div0Weapon rebalancing according to stats:
2008-12-21 div0remove "frags left" for ctf
2008-12-20 div0hook: clear waiting for release flag
2008-12-20 div0typo, argh
2008-12-20 div0verify clientcomamnds again
2008-12-20 div0fix maplist shuffling when set to ""
2008-12-19 div0scale down textures in the compat pack to 256x256 if...
2008-12-19 div0scaledown option
2008-12-19 div0fix doors with origin brush
2008-12-19 div0fix...
2008-12-19 div0tghere is no specop needhelp2
2008-12-19 div0more quality reduction
2008-12-19 div0build script now reducing texture quality to make small...
2008-12-19 div0flag model -> compat pack
2008-12-18 m0rfarI forgot this file. Dunno what it is. :D
2008-12-18 m0rfarA preliminary commit until tzork flag modification...
2008-12-18 div0bug fix
2008-12-18 div0kick should also say #2, not 2
2008-12-18 div0move the # to the place where it belongs :P (just weird...
2008-12-18 div0don't crash if no status received yet
2008-12-18 div0removed next typo
2008-12-18 div0ipban: enforce always
2008-12-18 div0next typo
2008-12-18 div0fix typo in unban command
2008-12-18 div0now the weapon icon showing REALLY works
2008-12-18 div0fix showweaponspawns
2008-12-18 div0add irc admin to the cofnig file
2008-12-18 div0add support for managing bans
2008-12-18 div0rcon2irc: more stuff :P
2008-12-17 div0admin interface beginning
2008-12-17 div0make hook switch also when trying to use the hook button
2008-12-17 div0specop needhelp2 missing
2008-12-17 div0bigger head shot area, hope this helps
2008-12-17 div0compat pack: HLAC texture, wpn- tga files
2008-12-17 div0- only complain about ONE missing weapon;
2008-12-17 div0delete the old ones
2008-12-17 div0weapon sprites, this time right
2008-12-17 div0weapon sprites
2008-12-17 div0ttf2conchars: add "scale 1" directive
2008-12-17 div0get rid of RETURN VALUE ALREADY IN USE bug
2008-12-17 div0fixed env/desert by sev
2008-12-16 div0more distance before it switches to nex whore mode
2008-12-16 div0bots: combos; custom weapon priorities
2008-12-16 div0fix hook again
2008-12-16 div0make display of hook less weird
2008-12-16 div0fix blur
2008-12-16 div0less spam
2008-12-16 div0visual studio BS... but it should at least work now.
2008-12-16 div0fix some C++ warnings
2008-12-16 div0hook: separate refire timers for primary/secondary...
2008-12-16 div0refire for hook now working
2008-12-16 div0new parameter use
2008-12-16 div0less MD and FF
2008-12-16 div0ipban update
2008-12-15 morphednew hlac model in 2 versions + textures and stuff
2008-12-15 div0ipban:
2008-12-15 div0banlist: why -> reason, : -> ;
2008-12-15 div0new cvars, new cvars
2008-12-15 div0friendly fire/team damage/mirror damage change; warning...
2008-12-15 div0documented some cvars (this file could be later used...
2008-12-15 div0remove some more cvars as private
2008-12-15 div0new cvar list
2008-12-15 div0now that "cd loop" also looks outside the "cdtracks...
2008-12-14 div0hookbomb: compat pack
2008-12-14 div0add placeholders for the hookbomb sounds
2008-12-14 div0hopefulyl working kickban parsing with optional ban...
2008-12-14 div0correctly build compat pack again
2008-12-14 div0fix ban enforcing
2008-12-14 div0always add a hostname= parameter to CGI script queries
2008-12-14 div0better support ~ kickbans
2008-12-14 div0improve kickban display
2008-12-13 div0add the head shot flag here too
2008-12-13 div0make head shot a hit type too