2009-09-14 div0fireball: less radius, a bit more damage, more speed
2009-09-14 div0rebalance
2009-09-14 div0antilag fix, possibly
2009-09-13 div0fireball balance for havoc
2009-09-13 fruitiexg_waypoinstprite_alpha cvar
2009-09-13 mrbougomuh. defaultNexuiz hash did not match
2009-09-13 fruitiexfade out the ons radar, all icons on the radar as well...
2009-09-13 fruitiexalso fade out radar and waypoints, fix showpressedkeys...
2009-09-13 fruitiexfade out showpressedkeys and showacceleration when...
2009-09-13 fruitiex[NOT FOR 2.5.2] fix the cvarcount
2009-09-12 div0fix a crash MrBougo found by preventing clientcommand...
2009-09-12 div0attempt to make update-cvarcount work on cygwin too
2009-09-12 mrbougosomeone b0rked the cvar hashes :p
2009-09-12 fruitiexbigger cl_showpseed font, now looks nice with showaccel...
2009-09-12 fruitiexpiece-o-cake demo ;)
2009-09-12 div0fix con_chat_maximize
2009-09-12 div0fireball: less likely to hurt yourself now
2009-09-12 div0firemine: less smoke and stuff, more fps
2009-09-12 div0fix warnings in accelerometer
2009-09-12 div0(2.6) change: damage through floor be 30%, force throug...
2009-09-12 div0fix hitloc handling in RadiusDamage in a seldom case
2009-09-12 lordhavocfixed bug where every secondary test trace in RadiusDam...
2009-09-12 div0better accelerometer, now fps independent
2009-09-12 div0reduce robo gib scale
2009-09-12 div0more guide rate delay
2009-09-12 div0argh, fix typo
2009-09-12 div0compat pack stuff again (robo gibs)
2009-09-12 div0weaken electro and hagar another bit. We should be...
2009-09-12 div0RL guide rate delay - smoothly enable guiding
2009-09-12 fruitiexuse a gradient for the accelerometer, dynamically chang...
2009-09-12 fruitiexCSQC accelerometer! Please test (cl_showacceleration 1)
2009-09-11 div0previous hlac adjustments were a mistake. try another...
2009-09-11 div0[NOT FOR 2.5.2] better gibs for robots (yes, by you...
2009-09-11 fruitiexalso hide crosshair when the menu is opened
2009-09-11 div0fade out HUD when opening menu
2009-09-11 div0fix typo
2009-09-11 div0new cvar: _menu_alpha (current alpha of menu, read...
2009-09-11 fruitiexjust SLIGHTLY more bgmvolume on the tutorial map (0...
2009-09-11 fruitiexlittle wickedz theme tweak
2009-09-11 fruitiexfix ingame menu bg so it does not look cut off on the...
2009-09-11 div0next iteration of rebalancing:
2009-09-11 div0try to work around dead bodies
2009-09-11 div0cannot make a nolerp checkbox
2009-09-11 div0fix death message for firemines
2009-09-11 div0minor balance changes to possibly fix balance
2009-09-11 div0try SLIGHTLY higher SG secondary refire
2009-09-11 div0fix ballistic bullet compression
2009-09-11 div0fix typo
2009-09-11 div0optimize zcurveparticles by combining multiple instance...
2009-09-11 div0more antilag fixes
2009-09-11 tzorkAlways use setorigin
2009-09-10 div0work around engine weirdness in antilag
2009-09-10 div0fix antilag ionteraction with ballistics (but, why?)
2009-09-10 div0take over some of LH's havoc changes
2009-09-09 lordhavocchanged havoc mode a bit, it is much closer to 2.6...
2009-09-09 div0do not restart the jump anim using the teleport bit...
2009-09-09 div0no campaign with sv_cheats
2009-09-09 fruitiexoops, forgot the shader for the non-solid glass (tutori...
2009-09-09 div0clean up the campaign cvar list
2009-09-09 fruitiexteam mirror damage slider fix for menu, now it's adjust...
2009-09-09 fruitiexfix warning when starting tutorial map
2009-09-09 fruitiexfix the last room of the tutorial map by making the...
2009-09-09 div0that's it. Now alpha in the middle of the two, and...
2009-09-09 div0if we go this route, we need more alpha
2009-09-09 div0another attempt...
2009-09-09 div0increase alpha of hidden items
2009-09-09 div0fix wrong shotangle
2009-09-09 div0new weapon names
2009-09-09 div0oops, forgot shockwave
2009-09-09 div0compat: add fireball
2009-09-08 div0random weapon arena: try to ensure the weapon ALWAYS...
2009-09-08 mrbougodefine localcmd correctly in svqc; add client- and...
2009-09-08 div0do not switch weapon after suicide (respawn will do...
2009-09-08 div0stupid stupid stupid ;)
2009-09-08 div0add missing fdecl
2009-09-08 div0random weapon arena: switch gun after frag too
2009-09-08 div0hopefully fix sound origins for explosions (#521)
2009-09-08 div0fix #523 (items being too bright)
2009-09-08 div0I want rockets to be detonatable by other projectiles...
2009-09-08 div0Random Mutator Day: RANDOM WEAPON ARENA. You spawn...
2009-09-08 tzorkTurrets update:
2009-09-08 div0laser in default (not havoc): enable secondary, make...
2009-09-08 div0detonate delay fixed for delayprojectiles 0
2009-09-08 div0less detonate delay
2009-09-08 div0try to NOT take over havoc physics into 2.6
2009-09-08 div0LH actually wanted SG to do 108 damage :P
2009-09-07 m0rfarg_ctf_captimerecord_allow_assisted -> g_ctf_captimereco...
2009-09-07 div0remove a print from turrets
2009-09-07 div0laser: add a cvar g_balance_laser_*_shotangle to change...
2009-09-06 tzorkMake turrets faster, part 1.
2009-09-06 div0merge
2009-09-06 div0magic ear: decolorize before matching
2009-09-06 div0make flac turret able to hit fireball, hopefully
2009-09-06 fruitiexsbar cvar fixes
2009-09-06 div0remove EF_FLAME flag :P
2009-09-06 div0fireball: support setting turrets on fire
2009-09-06 fruitiexone float elapsedTime too much defined, oops :(
2009-09-06 div0fireball: also hurt turrets
2009-09-06 fruitiexg_shootfromcenter instead of g_shootfromeye in Nexrun
2009-09-06 div0do not blur crosshair in chase cam