2009-03-26 div0put NetRadiant's NexuizPack here
2009-03-26 div0fix g_weapon_stay 2, and make it the default in the...
2009-03-26 div0slightly less control again, but more upwards speed
2009-03-26 div0jetpack: more control
2009-03-26 div0now twice as expensive (jetpack)
2009-03-26 div0jetpack fuel HUD
2009-03-26 div0fix insane ammo consumption when trying to move down :P
2009-03-26 div0cvar check
2009-03-26 div0Add a team check to trigger_teleport and trigger_push...
2009-03-26 div0new and better jetpack code and settings
2009-03-26 div0undo MF_ROCKET
2009-03-26 div0weapon stay 2: allow ammo from dropped weapons
2009-03-25 div0even less up speed
2009-03-25 div0jetpack: less upspeed
2009-03-25 div0s/ammo/fuel/ :P
2009-03-25 div0damn, add a missing check
2009-03-25 div0cvar check
2009-03-25 div0jetpack: show remaining ammo
2009-03-25 div0fix jetpack when out of ammo
2009-03-25 div0fix jetpack acceleration
2009-03-25 div0feature not for 2.5: jetpack
2009-03-25 div0nixnex: remove non-normal weapons
2009-03-25 div0swap silvercity with strength (skill difference)
2009-03-24 m0rfarinvisibility was too strong imo. raised alpha to 0.15
2009-03-24 m0rfarAdd glowmaps to the OLD ctf flag skins. To simulate...
2009-03-24 div0comment-only changes, updated locations that refer...
2009-03-24 div0- add a "forbidden" flag to mapinfo that's stronger...
2009-03-24 div0campaign rename
2009-03-24 div0add a new campaign
2009-03-24 div0rename the campaing txt file
2009-03-24 div0we no longer need mutator_reset.cfg
2009-03-24 div0Downer + TDM
2009-03-24 div0also set the engine cvars timelimit and fraglimit so...
2009-03-24 div0oops...
2009-03-24 div0campaign: more fixes
2009-03-24 div0sprites updates; Dom point sprites
2009-03-24 div0domination: waypointsprites support to make it a viable...
2009-03-24 div0allow leaving campaign again :P
2009-03-24 div0oops, forgot these files
2009-03-24 div0make the campaign cheatproof by ignoring the cvars...
2009-03-24 div0skyway can KH
2009-03-24 div0undo the r_dynamic check there, as it's now forced...
2009-03-24 div0force r_dynamic 1
2009-03-23 tzorkFix dual plasma (now uses both barrels)
2009-03-23 tzorkfix turret NaN crash due to runaway angles.
2009-03-23 m0rfarDownsized weaponskins to 512x512. Does look about the...
2009-03-23 m0rfarr_shadow_realtime_dlight depends on r_dynamic
2009-03-23 div0gibs: handle wasfreed
2009-03-23 div0add some cleartemps calls
2009-03-23 tzorkFix a possible (but unlikely) error in turret_do_updates
2009-03-22 mand1ngaFix for bot_aim() suggested by Qantourisc, makes this...
2009-03-22 tzorkfixed a ent leak.
2009-03-22 tzorkTestmap for a* + walkers.
2009-03-22 tzorkupdated turrets cfg.
2009-03-22 tzorkMassive turrets updates.
2009-03-22 tzorkpathlib changed to use with AStar.
2009-03-21 div0DP_QC_GETTIME, sv_cmd time
2009-03-21 div0make gettaginfo_relative_ent invisible :(
2009-03-21 div0minstagib: play hit sound for shidl hits again
2009-03-21 mand1ngaReplaced water levels with meaningful constants
2009-03-20 div0easy cel shading: q3map2 ... -bsp -celshader cel/black_...
2009-03-20 div0add lots of useful color tga files
2009-03-20 div0make version image versionless for the time being ...
2009-03-20 div0use the walk movetype instead, hope it's better
2009-03-20 div0clear onground while dragging
2009-03-20 div0dragging: that bounce is annoying :P
2009-03-20 div0don't change angles of submodel
2009-03-20 div0fix spawning from spectator mode (no longer cause a...
2009-03-20 div0use the same tag scale workaround for misc_follow attaching
2009-03-20 div0prevent bugs with dragging a player while he dies
2009-03-20 div0entity dragging: make it more gravity gun-like
2009-03-20 div0document this change
2009-03-20 div0target_spawn: allow cloning from other ents
2009-03-19 div0actualyl, let's not reset FL_ONGROUND after dragging...
2009-03-19 div0let stuff unset onground after being dragged
2009-03-19 div0block movetype while dragging
2009-03-19 div0weapon system: fix "" errors
2009-03-19 div0make turrets work again
2009-03-19 div0drag cursor: start at the 32 grid
2009-03-19 div0drag cursor: don't overshoot when moving back
2009-03-19 div0some drag cursor improvements :P
2009-03-19 div0make misc_follow able to set up attachments (so you...
2009-03-18 div0sv_pogostick 1 (it's harmless, it can do nothing you...
2009-03-18 div0typo fix, and some StartFrame speedup
2009-03-18 div0UpdateSelectedPlayer: use PVS to optimize
2009-03-18 div0merge entities.def (ZQ_PAUSE)
2009-03-18 div0use checkpvs() for bot waypointing
2009-03-18 div0netradiant r222
2009-03-17 div0SET nexversion=2.5
2009-03-17 div0NetRadiant now exists, so we no longer need this
2009-03-17 div0new jumppad code - working so it's used now
2009-03-17 div0call aft more often :P
2009-03-17 div0experimental new jumppad handling code, probably buggy...
2009-03-17 div0mention gl_picmip
2009-03-17 div0add weapon images to the docs
2009-03-17 div0fix the D < 0 case
2009-03-17 div0add a function solve_quadratic, and make newton project...
2009-03-17 div0fix some serious csqcprojectile bugs (regarding collisi...
2009-03-16 div0remove two outdated files from docs
2009-03-16 div0better shot origin handling, documented currently allow...