2010-01-29 div0cl_physics: an "alternate speed clamping" mode (iffed...
2010-01-29 div0fix wrong hagar cvar use
2010-01-27 div0model drawing from csqc
2010-01-27 m0rfarclipped the gap near rl on toxic. we're back normal.
2010-01-27 m0rfardeny a hiding place on final_rage
2010-01-27 fruitiexfix a stupid warning
2010-01-27 div0rename CHRAME_DRAG frame number from 1 to 8, so it...
2010-01-27 div0fix autoswitch + give
2010-01-27 div0Fix expanding text; change one tokenize call because...
2010-01-27 div0Revert "t commit, please reset"
2010-01-27 div0remove demosplit
2010-01-27 div0t commit, please reset
2010-01-27 div0fix fire owner handling
2010-01-27 div0fix the havoc button when connected
2010-01-26 div0temp workaround to disable nudgeoutofsolid - then div0...
2010-01-26 div0makebuild.sh: support pk3dir -> pk3 (not tested)
2010-01-26 samualgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@8573...
2010-01-25 div0better sound handling in "give";
2010-01-25 div0more give ALL changes :P
2010-01-25 div0dead people shouldn't cheat
2010-01-25 div0give ALL now gives more than give all does
2010-01-25 div0fix weapons-giving :(
2010-01-25 div0fix precaching
2010-01-25 div0moved "give all" into items trigger code, so an items...
2010-01-25 div0fix some not working stuff in Give
2010-01-25 div0- don't give the powerups in "give all", they're annoying
2010-01-25 div0remove an ugly print
2010-01-25 div0get rid of fteqcc warning
2010-01-25 div0simplify "give all"
2010-01-25 div0fix bug regarding impulse 30 (waypoint not being created)
2010-01-25 div0refactor target_items to use the give command
2010-01-25 div0"give" cheat implemented fully
2010-01-25 div0actually call the init/shutdown handlers
2010-01-25 div0"give all"
2010-01-25 div0get rid of all cheat stuff from other files;
2010-01-25 div0do engine cheats in qc too
2010-01-25 div0Track whether cheats have been used (cheatcount field)
2010-01-25 div0move box dragging to cheats.qc too
2010-01-25 div0Migrate cmd cheats too
2010-01-25 div0Factor "impulse" cheats out of cl_impulse.qc
2010-01-25 lordhavocprint less annoying message when client connects (it...
2010-01-25 samualUpdate savdm6ish/#teleport.jpg with a slightly improved...
2010-01-24 blub0forgot to commit loadfonts.cfg
2010-01-24 blub0committing stringwidth change - from now on, always...
2010-01-24 fruitiexfix detecting width of vote string, coloring in teamgam...
2010-01-24 fruitiexgraphical vote dialog
2010-01-23 m0rfarMake final_Rage use the new exosystem2 sky
2010-01-23 m0rfarTwo new skies by me!
2010-01-23 m0rfardeleting stuff
2010-01-23 div0Revert "extract common-spog.pk3 (binaries in version...
2010-01-23 div0use scr_centersize
2010-01-23 div0oops, need to call sbar_columns_set
2010-01-23 div0add DejaVu font as a pk3dir
2010-01-23 div0properly draw expanding text in race HUD
2010-01-23 div0fix a warning
2010-01-23 div0extract common-spog.pk3 (binaries in version control...
2010-01-23 div0interesting metrics (idea by KrimZon) to maybe sort...
2010-01-23 fruitiexcvar switch for globally turning off selfdamage/falldam...
2010-01-23 fruitiexfix yellow race medal, add gained/improved pos to them
2010-01-22 fruitiexmore/improved race badges by sev :)
2010-01-22 merlijnoops, that change wasn't supposed to go in
2010-01-22 merlijn**Team Leaders:
2010-01-22 div0minor code cleanups in merlijn's patch
2010-01-22 div0merlijn's quakenet auth patch for rcon2irc
2010-01-22 div0make the weapon declaration lines more self explaining
2010-01-22 div0fix typo (W_NumberWeaponOrder)
2010-01-22 div0make weapons named, not numbered, everywhere
2010-01-22 div0Dynamic weapon system - assign weapon IDs dynamically
2010-01-22 m0rfarrcon2irc updates by merlijn
2010-01-22 mrbougofixed flood_*_tell descriptions and added a space
2010-01-20 div0crylink fading
2010-01-19 div0Fix the Makefile in git-svn-commit case
2010-01-19 div0Fix mapvote crash
2010-01-17 tzorkadd monster_zombie.cfg
2010-01-17 div0remove weaponreplace from the default cfg
2010-01-17 fruitiexfix a typo in g_world.qc
2010-01-17 div0Revert "revert the mapvote change, it didnt really...
2010-01-17 fruitiexrecord badge updates by sev
2010-01-17 fruitiexrevert the mapvote change, it didnt really work online.
2010-01-17 fruitiexfix small bug with badge, add support for a secondary...
2010-01-16 fruitiexmove the badge to a better place, show them to all...
2010-01-16 fruitiexincrease size of the badge, fix the code
2010-01-16 div0_cl_rate: we can do up to 60k now, given that sys_ticra...
2010-01-16 fruitiexrace/cts "record badges" (new time/rank/record) by...
2010-01-16 div0User ID support (compile with -DUID)
2010-01-16 fruitiexUID system with race/cts rankings support
2010-01-16 fruitiexFINALLY a fix to the cursed defrag checkpoint bug preve...
2010-01-16 fruitiexfix a silly bug and a typo
2010-01-16 fruitiexlifetime tweaks (little longer)...
2010-01-15 samualLower sv_accelerate from 7 to 6 in physicsSamual.cfg
2010-01-15 fruitiexrace/cts rankings (default 15 best)
2010-01-13 div0make it also write the git-svn config data on "make...
2010-01-13 div0Add new Makefile targets to use same commands in git...
2010-01-11 tzorkEhh.. make last commit work.
2010-01-11 tzorkcheck for broken md3 models in engine, cry & die if...
2010-01-11 tzorkAll turrets: Get rid of TFL_TURRCAPS_HEADATTACHED,...
2010-01-10 samualRemove the #message from keyhunt.qc
2010-01-10 div0Fix alignment of the effects dialog; add checkboxes...
2010-01-09 div0crylink: honor g_weaponspreadfactor
2010-01-07 fruitiex(nexrun) halve the weapon animtimes to make switching...