2009-07-11 div0entities.def
2009-07-11 div0document cl_gentle 2 in cvar description
2009-07-11 div0cl_gentle 2: work properly even in sv_gentle 1 mode
2009-07-11 div0cl_gentle 1: morphed's effect
2009-07-11 div0fix yet another bug by TH :(
2009-07-11 morphednew player images for menu made by Ronan
2009-07-11 div0meta works not like I thought :P
2009-07-11 div0fix "randomly stuck at spawn" bug
2009-07-11 div0more penalty time fixes
2009-07-11 div0experimental race penalty time system (entity fields...
2009-07-10 div0fix radio buttons
2009-07-10 div0more stuff we really don't need (yet)
2009-07-10 div0I don't think we still need dismal, we hid it from...
2009-07-10 div0As long as it is broken (no proper race spawnpoints...
2009-07-10 div0fix odd warning
2009-07-10 div0reload fixes
2009-07-10 div0make sure bullet counter is never > amount nails
2009-07-10 div0make headshot damage 100 again, as it won't get stronge...
2009-07-10 div0rifle ring -> compat pack
2009-07-10 div0fixed some CHs ;)
2009-07-10 div0rifle bullet counter indicator
2009-07-10 div0rifle: invert the meaning of the bulletcounter field
2009-07-10 div0fix cvar check values
2009-07-10 div0fix crash in CTF when bots are leaving at end of match
2009-07-09 morphednew cl_gentle fx
2009-07-09 div0ACLs
2009-07-09 div0g_mapinfo_* settings
2009-07-08 div0more ons fixes
2009-07-08 div0minor ons sprite fix
2009-07-08 div0warning-only fixes
2009-07-08 div0try to bugfix onslaught, PLEASE TEST...
2009-07-08 div0add a debug command sv_cmd onslaught_updatelinks
2009-07-08 div0fix warnings
2009-07-08 div0egyptsoc_r
2009-07-08 div0new voting layout
2009-07-08 div0close 408
2009-07-08 div0remove "origin" lines
2009-07-08 div0remove recoil from minstanex
2009-07-08 div0sync entities.def
2009-07-08 div0race: checkpoints with spawnflag FINISH are now a separ...
2009-07-08 div0misc_teleport_dest: allow setting a max speed for playe...
2009-07-08 div0sync entities
2009-07-08 div0- add a "frustrating" flag to race maps in mapinfo...
2009-07-08 div0sync docs
2009-07-07 mrbougonexball compat pack files
2009-07-07 div0more stuff into compat pack
2009-07-07 div0fix reload-switch away-reload bug
2009-07-07 div0onslaught: new toys, new toys
2009-07-07 div0fix minor WPS bug preventing build bars from getting...
2009-07-06 mrbougocut one frame off the rifle reload anim, which ended...
2009-07-06 div0make ONS less spammy: only show healthbars on not shiel...
2009-07-06 div0first test of waypointsprites with healthbars for onslaught
2009-07-05 m0rfarscoreboard update 1.2.1
2009-07-04 div0nexrun physics file
2009-07-04 div0disable automatic DM entries for mapinfo in Nexball...
2009-07-04 div0slight csqc physics speedup, should not help much with...
2009-07-03 mrbougonixnex: add support for g_use_ammunition 0, g_nixnex_wi...
2009-07-03 div0add a second trigger for the CPMA+airaccel_qw incompati...
2009-07-03 div0CPMA strafe acceleration nerfing: force full QW acceler...
2009-07-02 mrbougoadd nexball in server.cfg
2009-07-01 div0fix uncustomizing player entities
2009-06-30 m0rfarNew scoreboard style by terencehill
2009-06-30 mrbougoadding the stroke characters to the compat pack
2009-06-30 div0LOD (cl_playerdetailreduction) enabled now, master...
2009-06-30 div0some LOD stuff fixes
2009-06-30 div0eof fixes for all qc, qh, c filesd
2009-06-30 div0eol-style only
2009-06-30 div0some player CEFC fixes
2009-06-30 div0change LOD code to support the models the way morphed...
2009-06-30 morphed.skin files for LoD models
2009-06-30 morphedLevel of detail version for all player models, and...
2009-06-30 m0rfarcyberparcour01 update by sev. It should be easier for...
2009-06-30 div0fix two bugs in health/armor/fuel rot rewrite
2009-06-30 morphedimproved textures for Inssurectionist and Lycanthrope
2009-06-29 div0rot/regen system cleanup; hopefully no actual change
2009-06-28 m0rfarsource and script for hud numbers
2009-06-28 m0rfarhudfixes v6 + new numbers + timerbg
2009-06-28 m0rfar...
2009-06-28 m0rfarhudfixes_v5
2009-06-27 morphedI changed Pyria.female to 1
2009-06-27 div0shrink the crosshair when aiming at a team mate and...
2009-06-27 div0make-sprites run again, and committed, sorry
2009-06-27 mrbougonexball: go back to the old scoring system (add points...
2009-06-27 mrbougothat file was supposed to be replaced, but the name...
2009-06-26 morphedheadhunter went to gym too, unarmored carni now have...
2009-06-26 morphedShock eat lots of boring tuna and went to gym
2009-06-25 m0rfaroops I forgot these
2009-06-25 m0rfarwaypoint sprite update by fruitiex, I hope I didn't...
2009-06-25 div0cl_gunalign: default to center handedness so you know...
2009-06-25 m0rfarhud fixes by FruitieX
2009-06-25 morphedmodel tweaks for flag carrier fx
2009-06-25 morphedmissing shaders
2009-06-25 div0use the proper blue color everywhere(?)
2009-06-25 div0make strength also a little brighter
2009-06-25 div0work around fteqcc bug with buildbar alignment
2009-06-25 div0crosshair_hittest: new feature: enlarge when aiming...
2009-06-25 tzorkPatch by Dib, Improved by tZork.
2009-06-25 tzork#367 - Timer team background bugfix
2009-06-24 morphedflag carrier fx assets
2009-06-24 morphedmore assets for flag capture fx