2010-02-18 greenmarineNexuizDemoRecorder: added ability to save and load...
2010-02-18 tzorkBetter "drop to ground" for vehicles and moving turrets.
2010-02-16 merlijnThis plugin is now integrated in rcon2irc.pl
2010-02-16 merlijnFix quakenet auth and add a new plugin to stop abusive...
2010-02-16 div0shootfromfixedorigin should override shootfromclient...
2010-02-15 div0fix glowmod use (we can't use that before 2.6)
2010-02-14 fruitiexcredits updates
2010-02-13 fruitiexTaoki's hologram items patch
2010-02-13 div0REALLY fix the rocket trail interpolation
2010-02-13 div0fix rocket trail throgh portal
2010-02-13 fruitiexcommit some changes from the nexrun branch (lsnewmaps...
2010-02-13 fruitiexMerge branch 'fruitiex/nexrun'
2010-02-13 fruitiextiny alignment tweak to the taunt range slider in the...
2010-02-13 fruitiexsupport mouse selection in mapvote, handle mapvote...
2010-02-13 fruitiexfix "sliding corpses" bug in CA
2010-02-11 fruitiexrocket trails
2010-02-11 greenmarineNDR: add sample and virtualdub plug-in
2010-02-11 greenmarinecreate plugins folder for NDR to host plug-ins
2010-02-11 greenmarinemove NDR main program into subfolder
2010-02-11 greenmarinemove NDR main program into subfolder
2010-02-11 greenmarinecommit v0.2 of Nexuiz Demo Recorder
2010-02-11 greenmarinecreate dir for the Nexuiz Demo Recorder
2010-02-11 fruitiexdisable mortar secondary spread in nexrun balance
2010-02-10 fruitiexduh... the ramp problem lies not in doublejump, but...
2010-02-10 fruitiexcvar that disables doublejump code on ramps for exact...
2010-02-10 fruitiexsv_doublejump: trace only 0.01 units down instead of...
2010-02-09 fruitiexclientside announcers, patch by Taoki with some minor...
2010-02-08 div0a trigger_warpzone entity (a silent everything-teleport...
2010-02-07 fruitiexmore doublejump improvements
2010-02-07 div0fix doublejump speedcap to properly refuse the jump
2010-02-07 fruitiexadd an optional (default off) z-axis speedcap above...
2010-02-07 fruitiexenable sv_doublejump in nexrun by default
2010-02-07 fruitiexsend speedaward_alltimebest as Int24_t as well...
2010-02-06 m0rfarexosystem sky on warfare
2010-02-06 div0improve sv_doublejump (less floor sticking)
2010-02-06 div0Revert "clipped the gap near rl on toxic. we're back...
2010-02-06 fruitiexsend speed award as long int instead to make it harder...
2010-02-06 m0rfarfix ons cvar typos
2010-02-06 fruitiexfix checkpoints that also point to a target_items entit...
2010-02-06 m0rfarcorrect aspect ratio on xolar preview
2010-02-05 fruitiexfix the notify message when setting the first record...
2010-02-04 div0fix fireball TGA
2010-02-04 div0make w_all.qc better mergable
2010-02-04 div0Do the last change CORRECTLY :P also fix permissions...
2010-02-04 div0large weapon system change - please test
2010-02-03 div0weapon system: add a fourth case "simple animation...
2010-02-03 div0move cl_netfps to sys_ticrate
2010-02-02 blub0Fixing teamscore positions
2010-02-01 div0fix stupid onload spam :P
2010-02-01 div0fix name typo
2010-02-01 div0Fix strength bug, hopefully
2010-02-01 div0try fixing blood with current engine
2010-01-31 fruitieximproved chatbubble and net clock by sev
2010-01-31 div0target_items: fix strength_finished only giving 1 secon...
2010-01-31 div0fix the "give NNN strength" command
2010-01-30 div0fix missing sqrt in sideways friction
2010-01-30 div0improved physicsNoQWBunny (improvements by FruitieX)
2010-01-30 div0what was I thinking... making previous commit compile
2010-01-30 div0make CPMA aircontrol code more logical
2010-01-30 div0make CPMA_PM_AirControl more gamepad friendly. Otherwis...
2010-01-30 div0new physics config physicsNoQWBunny.cfg (currently...
2010-01-30 div0fix a minor code bug that should never occur in the...
2010-01-30 div0speed clamping: sideways friction < 0 clamps against...
2010-01-30 div0alternate physics mode
2010-01-29 div0cl_physics: an "alternate speed clamping" mode (iffed...
2010-01-29 div0fix wrong hagar cvar use
2010-01-27 div0model drawing from csqc
2010-01-27 m0rfarclipped the gap near rl on toxic. we're back normal.
2010-01-27 m0rfardeny a hiding place on final_rage
2010-01-27 fruitiexfix a stupid warning
2010-01-27 div0rename CHRAME_DRAG frame number from 1 to 8, so it...
2010-01-27 div0fix autoswitch + give
2010-01-27 div0Fix expanding text; change one tokenize call because...
2010-01-27 div0Revert "t commit, please reset"
2010-01-27 div0remove demosplit
2010-01-27 div0t commit, please reset
2010-01-27 div0fix fire owner handling
2010-01-27 div0fix the havoc button when connected
2010-01-26 div0temp workaround to disable nudgeoutofsolid - then div0...
2010-01-26 div0makebuild.sh: support pk3dir -> pk3 (not tested)
2010-01-26 samualgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@8573...
2010-01-25 div0better sound handling in "give";
2010-01-25 div0more give ALL changes :P
2010-01-25 div0dead people shouldn't cheat
2010-01-25 div0give ALL now gives more than give all does
2010-01-25 div0fix weapons-giving :(
2010-01-25 div0fix precaching
2010-01-25 div0moved "give all" into items trigger code, so an items...
2010-01-25 div0fix some not working stuff in Give
2010-01-25 div0- don't give the powerups in "give all", they're annoying
2010-01-25 div0remove an ugly print
2010-01-25 div0get rid of fteqcc warning
2010-01-25 div0simplify "give all"
2010-01-25 div0fix bug regarding impulse 30 (waypoint not being created)
2010-01-25 div0refactor target_items to use the give command
2010-01-25 div0"give" cheat implemented fully
2010-01-25 div0actually call the init/shutdown handlers
2010-01-25 div0"give all"
2010-01-25 div0get rid of all cheat stuff from other files;
2010-01-25 div0do engine cheats in qc too