2008-11-04 esteelreworked Documents in the style of the nexuiz.com homep...
2008-11-04 div0fix hagar and crylink bounce
2008-11-04 esteelalso correct typo wav/ogg files
2008-11-04 esteelcorrect small typo in cryPlink sounds
2008-11-04 div0support for more weapon sounds
2008-11-04 div0use tag_rocket_fly.wav
2008-11-04 div0update change list
2008-11-03 div0use misc_gamemodel, not misc_models (deprecated). Not...
2008-11-03 esteelsmall misunderstanding, re-revert :P
2008-11-03 esteelrevert change 4969 for now as it breaks lastweap and...
2008-11-03 div0hopefully switch weapon switching reallyt
2008-11-02 div0fix bug breaking showNotify
2008-11-02 div0demo browser: make it regenerate its list when opened
2008-11-02 div0seeker: add back the fixed 4 weapon shot origins (was...
2008-11-02 div0hopefully fix weaplast
2008-11-02 div0new seeker texture
2008-11-01 div0improve kick vote display
2008-11-01 div0remove stupid spam :P
2008-11-01 div0make it noticable
2008-11-01 div0hack to fix broken modelindex
2008-11-01 div0fix logic of gravity bomb
2008-11-01 div0nullify gravity bomb on team mates
2008-11-01 div0add independent check to one missing gibtosser
2008-11-01 div0fix independent players check when damaged
2008-11-01 div0factor out noimpact checks, make ALL projectiles use...
2008-11-01 div0add missing noimpact checks
2008-11-01 tzorkgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@4957...
2008-11-01 tzorkFunctions for easy access to steering, pathing and...
2008-10-31 div0fix bug :P
2008-10-31 div0less teleport effect for now
2008-10-31 div0avoid portalling flags
2008-10-31 div0I have no idea why this happens, but get rid of the...
2008-10-31 div0demo browser
2008-10-31 esteeladded missing precache for hagarmissile (funny typo...
2008-10-31 div0add missing destructor
2008-10-31 div0trigger_relay_if was useless. Make it useful, by lettin...
2008-10-31 div0campaign fixes. Now campaign + race works.
2008-10-31 div0multi campaign is back
2008-10-30 div0add HLAC and Seeker
2008-10-30 div0separate out seeker's effects from electro trail, and...
2008-10-30 div0allow team mates to cut off the hook too
2008-10-30 m0rfarChange menu text "Demo recording" to "Automatic demo...
2008-10-30 div0fix throw logic
2008-10-30 div0move airshot and electrobitch to a place where they...
2008-10-29 tzorkturret_stdproc_use team changes the turret to its ...
2008-10-29 tzorkturret_stdproc_use team changes the turret to its ...
2008-10-29 tzorkOops forgot unit_ewheel.qc
2008-10-29 div0typo
2008-10-29 div0make 10.4 compat binaries
2008-10-29 div0enable OS X for testing again
2008-10-29 div0seeker fix
2008-10-29 tzorkUpdated pathlib.qc
2008-10-28 tzorkFixed mismatch of takedamage in death/respawn vs initia...
2008-10-28 div0small seeker bug
2008-10-28 div0fix KH updating sprites wrong
2008-10-28 div0remove some accidentally empty dirs
2008-10-28 div0remove the entity zeroing from remove again, to get...
2008-10-28 div0stop firing rockets when owner is dead
2008-10-28 div0fix #2178127
2008-10-28 div0Tenshihan v3.6.4 committed.
2008-10-28 div0adding InstaGib this way was wrong, true InstaGib needs...
2008-10-28 div0make campaign use g_weaponarena
2008-10-28 div0fix weaponreplace
2008-10-28 div0New "weapon arena" and "weapon replace" cvars. InstaGib...
2008-10-27 div0account for the case that a Damage function may remove...
2008-10-27 div0if a remaining RadiusDamage recursion exists, print...
2008-10-27 div0fix radiusdamage recursions
2008-10-27 div0add back connect button disabling
2008-10-27 div0clear IP address box when refiltering
2008-10-27 esteelcorrected two skin authors
2008-10-27 div0fix behaviour of sliders when clicking to scroll page...
2008-10-27 div0make removing entities safer by clearing ALL their...
2008-10-27 div0typo fix
2008-10-27 div0oops, wrong destructor...
2008-10-27 div0add the new values to the skins
2008-10-27 div0show title and author of each skin
2008-10-26 div0fixed reverse logic in qcstatus
2008-10-26 div0add missile ammo to the ammo check
2008-10-26 div0add skin selector
2008-10-26 div0Ronan
2008-10-26 div0update the menu skins
2008-10-26 div0warn fixes
2008-10-26 div0improve skin selector
2008-10-26 tzorkGive seeker missiles some size so they can be shot.
2008-10-26 div0skin selector by Ronan
2008-10-26 div0more changes
2008-10-26 div0comment out OS X support
2008-10-26 div0race: round record times consistently
2008-10-26 div0fix ammo display with sbar_hudselector 0
2008-10-26 div0make new HUD the default
2008-10-26 div0try player workaround on hook too
2008-10-26 div0add a cvar for HLAC shots
2008-10-26 div0fix "brightspot" tool
2008-10-26 div0allow mandelbrot to be parametrized; add some cool...
2008-10-25 div0fix some gibs with independent players mode
2008-10-25 div0fix message of linked doors
2008-10-25 div0fix brushless pointparticles (new fteqcc bug)
2008-10-25 div0add mapinfo to add turret_test (and hide it from the...
2008-10-25 tzorkgit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@4875...
2008-10-25 morphedlots of new particle fx, most are unused yet