fix the last commit
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / server /
2009-02-10 div0fix the last commit
2009-02-10 div0irc_nick_alternates;
2009-02-10 mand1ngafixed msg when changing nick (courtesy of Surb and...
2009-02-07 div0fix neg ascores
2009-02-05 mand1ngaSpell checking and off-by-one fix by Surb
2009-02-05 div0remove debug prints from rcon2irc
2009-01-26 div0fix color translation
2009-01-26 div0fix color translation
2009-01-17 esteelups
2009-01-17 esteelspell checked the help system messages, improved some...
2009-01-15 esteelmove the server examples out of Docs and into a dir...